Sunday, July 14, 2024

This Past Week

This past week. Monday, photos of the Cincinnati zoo, after a few days visiting family in Ohio. Tuesday, back home to photograph one event. Wednesday, drive to Asheville to take temporary possession of the archives of one of my favorite 60s artists for digitization, and found the master tape to a long-lost album while sitting in my backseat. (You will hear more about this.) Then drive to Charlotte to photograph the Back To The Future opening night event, and a Spongetones recording session.

Thursday, photos of Time Sawyer in South Carolina, Thurston Howell Band - A Premier Yacht Rock Spectacular in Ballantyne, and Alan Edwards at the The Evening Muse. Friday, photos of the Freedom School Partners Jubilee, and it could be nothing... and much more at the The Milestone Club. Saturday, photos of the Charlotte Folk Society concert at St. Martin's.

Love to all. Hang in there. See you soon, and see you on the road.

July 14, 2024

NSMA Photos

Hello all-

Welcome! If you're looking for photos from the recent NSMA conference and awards banquet, you can find them all at You can find any and all other recent events there, as well. 

Enjoy, and see you soon,


July 14, 2024

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Popstar Mania! Episode One!


June 29, 2024

This Week

 This week. Photos of the Isabella Santos golf tourney, Levine Institute mural display, one private event, three events in two days with Bank Of America, WFAE gala, Inreach Celebration gala, one Freedom School Partners event, coach Roy Williams at Charlotte Touchdown Club, and two tapings of Popstar Mania, my new show with Plastic EP and Nathan Loo.

I'm posting this new song by Linda Thompson (with the Proclaimers) in memory of a old friend that recently moved on to her next adventure. May you stay as adventurous and beguiling as you were in this life, Maryanne. And to say that Linda's new album Proxy Music is simply amazing.
Hang in there, and try to create something good today. In time, our good words echo beyond us. See you soon, and see you on the road.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Os Mutantes and Sneakers Photos, June 2004

Os Mutantes

Snug Harbor

Charlotte, NC

June 22, 2024


Neighborhood Theatre

Charlotte, NC

June 23, 2024


New Podcast! With Ed Rising!

Hello all-

Check out Ed Rising's new Pop O Matic podcast, discussing Paul McCartney and One Hand Clapping, and more. Enjoy,


June 26, 2024

Recent Events From Early June

Two weeks ago, photographs all around Charlotte, concluding with seven events on June 1st, topped off by Night Ranger in Mooresville, NC. Dare I say it, they were motorin'.

Last week, three days throughout Ohio for Sandra's birthday weekend, exploring old highways and antique stores. Then back to Charlotte for more photos.

This week, two days in Ohio to discuss new projects with Pat and Sandy McLoughlin, and take photos for Yacht Rock legend Dane Donohue's new album, which will be out later this summer. Then back to Charlotte and elsewhere for multiple shoots on Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday, one morning shoot. My evening shoot got cancelled, so I instead photographed Ravi Coltrane at the Jazz Room, Iodine at Tommy's Pub, and Leisure McCorkle, Wilde Green and Fancy Gap at the Visulite Theatre. Saturday, photos of an event in Aiken, SC then back to Charlotte for three more events.

Along the way, also back at work on a couple of new projects. Stay tuned. Still there'll be more.

June, 2024