Friday, November 25, 2011

A working holiday

Hello Everyone-

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy holidays to you all. I'm spending the holiday the way that many people seem to spend their holidays these days. Getting caught up on all the things I've been meaning to work on the past few months. I spent a good part of yesterday (when I wasn't grilling the turkey- yes, I said grilling) finishing up a series of photos from my archives for a NC record label's upcoming anniversary. Today, I'm hoping to finish an interview with the British folk band Heron (which you'll see soon on this site), and then start scanning my archives of a band that I used to work with several years ago, for reissues of their albums next year.

Generally, I set the scanner up, and have it running while I'm away from my desk. But still, is that wrong? I mean, it is a holiday, after all. The odd part is that I usually enjoy working on projects like these over the holiday, so that I don't veg out in front of the TV, and I generally get a lot done. What did I do on Memorial Day? Scanned and edited a friend's photos for an album that's coming out next year. What did I do for Labor Day? Create this site.

I think it's the change in schedule that I tend to enjoy. The chance to work on MY projects, as opposed to working on everyone's else. That being said, I usually feel like I need a break when the holiday is done, but Lord knows what I'd do during that "breaktime."
-Daniel Coston
November 25, 2011

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