Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rodney Lanier

Rodney, I could have known you for a hundred years, and yesterday would have still come too soon. A few weeks ago, you were in good spirits, and enjoying the Jayhawks show at McGlohon with the rest of us. Now, you are gone from this place, and this world seems a little emptier, without you.

I first met you in 1997, when I was an upstart photographer, and you were in one of the biggest bands in the area, Jolene. Through all those years, and ups and downs, you never stopped being you. A funny, talented, and laidback guy, which I (along with many others) liked about you. There is no rhyme or reason when bad things and illness befalls good people, but I'm glad that before you left, you saw how people cared about you, and counted you as your friend. And that, sooner or later, is all we can ever hope for.

As I knew you once, so I will know you again. And I look forward to that. Safe travels, kid.
Dec. 10, 2011

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