Friday, December 7, 2018

RIP Morris Barley

This morning, my father-in-law Morry Barley left this earthly place for his next adventure. But this day does not define him, or his life. It is not even the most important day in his life, Sixty-one years ago today, he went on his first date with Janet Crane, who would soon become his partner for more than sixty years. You cannot encapsulate a full life like his in one day, or any day. Morry was, and will always be, more than that.

Morry was born into the depression, and like many of that time, had to find his own way to health and happiness. He spent time in the Army reserve, and saw much of the world. He worked 44 years at GMAC. He had a head full of opinions and observations, and was often more than willing to share them. He enjoyed great restaurants, fine drinks and a good sports game on TV. He and Jan would live across much of Ohio, while raising Dean Barley and Sandra Barley. I first met Jan and Morry in early 2000, about a month after Sandra and I started dating. I had not met a grilfriend’s parents since I was 12 years old, and I knew that at the time, being a videographer that liked to photograph rock & roll bands may not possibly be promising son-in-law material.  But Jan and Morry took me in, and I soon became part of their family, just as they became part of mine. 

Through it all, Morry remained an individual, Through the health ailments, and various bouts of cancer, he never let go of who he was. He was a character, as they used to say, and I still say. In a world of sameness, Morry was never that. And that will never change. As of today, the cancer is gone, and the pain is gone. All that remains is the love and life experiences that he shared with all of us that knew him, and we will continue to share that as we, his family and friends, take his lifetime of stories and adventures with us, wherever we go. His story goes on, beyond this day, or any day.

Safe travels, Morry. Thank you. Until I see you again, someday. 
December 7, 2018


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