Wednesday, February 23, 2022

RIP Chris Garges

I can't remember when I first met Chris Garges. I just know that, like many others, he was one of my best friends. Producer, engineer, studio owner, musician, professional connoisseur of all music and its history, and key player in the lives and creativity of so many others.

Through the years, I watched Chris grow from working at the original Old House Studios in Gastonia, to building his own studio in Charlotte. He joined two of his favorite groups, the Mitch Easter band, and the Spongetones. He accomplished so much while he was here, and despite the health issues that he kept private. Perhaps our smiles meant as much to Chris, as his did to us.

Chris and I bonded over a love of music, and those who were a part of creating the music. Over stories about the Beatles, and all things 1960s. Over music magazines, and why seeing your name in Tape Op or Mix Magazine was still such a thrill. Over things that made us laugh. When Maya Beth Atkins' debut album needed some guidance, there was only person I contacted about putting the record together. The roots of the production work that I have been doing the last two years took shape alongside Chris at Old House Studio, something that I will be forever grateful for.

We had been trying to put together more projects to work together on the last two years. Just as they finally came into focus, our plans changed again. But just like Charlie Watts, you'd have told us to carry on, Chris. And we will. You once said that the drummer controls the band. And you still will. You'll just be doing it from The Great Gig In The Sky.

Yes, Chris, I got in one more Pink Floyd reference in for you. I knew that you'd be okay with that.

Here's to you, Chris. Thank you.

Until I photograph you again, someday.

February 23, 2022

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