Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Mr. Cash, 19 Years On

June 21, 2003. Nineteen years on from photographing Johnny Cash's tribute show to June Carter Cash, at the request of the Carter Family. All these years later, it still feels a dream. An amazing, beautiful, emotional dream, of which my photos hopefully give some glimpse into that moment.   

That day, and Mr. Cash's final show at the Carter Family Fold on July 5, 2003 will forever be milestones in my life. Last year, I photographed a tribute show to Mr. Cash on July 5th. A friend asked me to introduce myself after the show. No, I responded. Too much to explain. 

Here's to you, Mr. Cash, the Cash and Carter families, the Carter Fold, and the belief that we are capable of being and creating something more. Be it here, or in the sky, Lord. In the sky.
June 21, 2022

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