Thursday, October 11, 2012

RIP Patrick Atkinson

2005, I spent two weeks in Iceland with Patrick Atkinson, as he and the band Mar recorded their debut album in Reykjavik. Patrick was a good soul, and he really lived for the music and art he created. We had a lot of fun over that time, and I have a lot of photos of Patrick that I now cherish.

I had not seen Patrick over the last seven years, but when I did, it was always a great moment. I always wanted to talk to Patrick more, stay in touch more, see how he was doing. Time, time, time. Where did the time go......

We spend some so much of our lives in constant motion, running from one fire to the next. And in the moment, we are reminded of how quickly the candles can go out. Patrick, I never talked to you enough, or spend enough time with you. I could've known you for decades, and I would feel the same way. Wherever you go from here, remember that you were, and will still be loved back here on this physical plain. Safe travels, my friend. From your friend behind the camera,
October 11, 2012

Patrick with Mar in Iceland 
photo 2005 Daniel Coston

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