Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Announcing The Strangers On A Train Reissue, out February 25, On Omnivore Recordings

Hello everyone. This is Daniel Coston. Longtime Left Banke fan, photographer, writer, and co-producer of the new reissue of Strangers On A Train. If it seems like this morning's announcement was a surprise, well, it was. Much like the last two years, things did not according to plan. But here we are, nonetheless.

Over the last eighteen months, I have been working with Omnivore Recordings on securing a release for these Left Banke songs that I care about so much. Originally, we had a much larger plan to cover the band's recordings after 1968. These recordings, including what we have found during that search, will be released in due time. For this release, we eventually decided to focus on the band's third album, Strangers On A Train, and the recordings that Michael Brown and Steve Martin Caro made in 2001 and 2002.

Many of us, including the Left Banke themselves, believe that Strangers never received a proper release on either side of the Atlantic. Buried within that album is a lot of good songs, and a lot of hard work that was never rewarded. Now, Omnivore has put together new mastering for this album, and fixed the muddiness that other versions of Strangers have had. This album has never sounded this good before, and to my ears, finally sounds like a cohesive album. We also chose to go with the UK running order for the album, which flows a lot better, and lets you hear this collection in a new way.

Although the recordings that Michael Brown did with Steve Martin Caro came twenty-three years after Strangers, they act as a remarkable bookend, while telling a story all their own. As some of you know, some of these songs were released as a rare promo EP in 2002, credited to the Left Banke. Brown finished six more songs later that year, and that collection was even harder to find than the first. For this release, we have put together the best of what Brown released during that time, and given them new mastering. The fact that many people will finally get to hear "Airborne" on a legitimate release, and sounding so good, gives me great joy.

To answer your next question. Is there more? Yes, there is. Over the next several weeks, as we prepare for the release of this CD, I will be putting together a few articles exclusively here, and on the Official Left Banke Fan Page, detailing what we have found, what is out there, and what we are still looking for. This CD is not the end, but a beginning of more to come, a long overdue mission to give the music of the Left Banke the respect and prominence that they deserve.

To the friends, family members and associates of the Left Banke, I saw thank you. It's taken a while, but we are almost there. To my co-producers Scott and Cheryl, and everyone at Omnivore, I say thank you. To those of you that have followed the story of the Left Banke along with me, I say thank you, and stay tuned. And to four guys- Michael, Tom, Steve and George- I say thank you. For changing my life, and for the journey that your music put me on. I won't let you down.

Please spread the word, and check back here often for updates, and some surprises. Now more than ever, the world around us needs more Left Banke. And that time has finally come.

Love to all, and more soon.

Everything returns again,
January 5, 2021

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