Monday, September 5, 2011

The Rogue's Voice

The Rogue’s Voice

A boy out in the wild,
with pieces of other stories
that your father 
told you in haste.
You grew too fast,
the pieces no longer fit,
so you left that story
and created your own.

She believed in you
in ways that made you 
believe in yourself,
and another dream.
You returned to the land,
just enough distance from the past,
You spent time and thought,
wanting to believe.

They did not say
why you went away,
what changed in you
and why that story ended.
Like the change you made 
so many years before,
the story all got changed, 
broken when you were gone.

Your legacy is different
than what you’ve said to me.
I will never know you,
but I know the way you felt.
You just wanted to dream,
and I know that voice,
like a rogue’s song 
with constant changes, 
yet always returning
to the chord that is searching
for another way to sing,
and for another home.

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