Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to my writing website and blog

Hello All-

Greetings, and welcome to the website for my articles, journals, and various musings. Many of you know me as a still photographer, be it of musicians and arts subjects, or various events throughout the US, and elsewhere. But photography is one of many things I've dabbled in during my life. Filmmaking, video work, print editing, cartooning, front desk person, pay phone coin collector (it's a long story), and others. But first and foremost, I have been a writer all of my life. It's the need for communication that has driven my work, and still does to this day. No matter what the form of communication I use.

For the last sixteen years, I have written for various publications. After three years with Tangents Magazine (, I then jumped to the Big Takeover Magazine (, with whom I still write and photograph for today. In-between, I have contributed to various publications, books and websites (including a second sojourn with Tangents). This site was conceived as a home for all of my interviews, many of which are not online, or out of print.

You will also find my ongoing Travels With My Camera series, which chronicles some of my adventures as a photographer. You will also find various notes, ramblings, and other things that you can't find on my photography website ( Check in often, you will find a lot of things to enjoy on a regular basis. This may be the beginning of this site, but it is also another signpost of my various travels, and work.

Hello, and welcome.

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