Saturday, September 29, 2012

Barry Stacks/Grifs excerpt, teaser for forthcoming NC '60s book

Excerpt from Barry Stacks of the Grifs, excerpt from forthcoming There Was A Time book.

Barry Stacks: A couple of days before we recorded “Catch A Ride,” the Stones released “Satisfaction.” And I heard that fuzztone, and I went to a music store, and I said, “What is that? Whatever it is, I want one.” And they said, “We just got one in. It’s called the Fuzztone.” On the way to the studio, sitting in the back of our van, I worked out that little guitar part in the beginning of that song. We rehearsed it a couple of times, and Manny Clark, who was a DJ with WGIV, produced the song for us and got the sound just right. Just where I wanted it, which was balls to the wall on it, when the song opened up.  We actually did the music take in two takes, and then we added the vocals on top of it. And then we did ["In My Life"] for the other side.

We had booked [Arthur Smith Studios] for four hours, eight o’clock till midnight. The guy that was running the board for Arthur Smith said we had to be packed up and out of there by midnight. I said, “What are you talking about?” He said, “We’re booked all night, after midnight.” We did what we had to do, but as we were packing up, this other band comes in to start setting up, and it was James Brown and the Famous Flames. And Manny knew James, he’d interviewed him many times. And James said, “Why don’t you and your boys sit up in the control room while we record.” They recorded eight or ten songs, then they headed out on the chitlin circuit. 

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