Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Distant Stars

Distant Stars

We fall in love
with what 
we cannot reach. 
Looking above us
at something
that we would like
to believe in,
something more 
than our
earth-tied hearts,
we are separated 
from their apparent
and we are
left to wonder
what what it would 
mean to be
somewhere else.

The stars
may never see this,
the view is 
always different
when lost
above the clouds,
drifting in the darkness
that surrounds them.
They can only 
twinkle and shine,
just out of reach
Some shine in other galaxies,
while others
died long ago,
and we on the ground
struggle to accept
that their time has passed,
marking in fading light
what used to use.

Do not hang
your emotions
on distant stars.
They may dangle
their possibilities
in the air,
but they will never
carry you along.
They can only
flicker in the distance
when darkness falls,
and fade
when the sunlight
leads them away.
They will 
leave you

-Daniel Coston
September 8, 2012

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