Monday, January 16, 2012

Kilgo's Canteen reunion photos

Kilgo's Canteen reunion
January 12th, 2012

Kilgo's Canteen was a popular teen and dance show that was taped at WSOC from 1957 to 1970, and syndicated throughout the Southeast US. I happened to have lunch at Jonathan's Restaurant in Matthews, NC last month, and saw a flyer about this event. Olivia Fortson, my fantastic editor at the Observer, was gracious in letting me cover this event for her, and it also gave me the chance to speak to host Jimmy Kilgo for my There Was A Time book. Here's a few photos from the event, for those of you that were there, or wish you had been. Anyone who would like copies of these photos can email me at And, twenty minutes after photographing this event, I was photographing B. B. King, which you can see via the link from last week's post.

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