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Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Interview With Jimmy Webb

Look for more from this interview in an upcoming issue of Tangents Magazine. Enjoy,
January 30, 2016

Two More Weeks!!!!

Hello All-

My show at the Charlotte Museum Of History is being extended by two weeks. The show will now run until February 13th. Come out and check out the show. Thanks,
January 30, 2016

RIP Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner
Jefferson Starship
Levis Commons Mall
Perrysburg, Ohio
June 26, 2006
photo copyright 2006 Daniel Coston

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jake Berger Benefit Re-Scheduled

Hello Everyone-

As you may have heard, the benefit for my book co-author Jake Berger was cancelled, due to the poor weather. A benefit will be re-scheduled soon. I'll post the info as soon as I receive it. Thank you, and please keep sending your best wishes and any donations to Jake. Best wishes,
January 24, 2016

Charlotte, NC Tonight, NFC Championship Game

Charlotte, NC
January 24, 2016
photo copyright 2016 Daniel Coston

January 24, 2016

Bassh Photos, Charlotte, NC, January 23, 2016

Neighborhood Theatre
Charlotte, NC
January 23, 2016
all photos copyright 2016 Daniel Coston

January 24, 2016

Chris McKay and Abbey Road Live Photos, January 15, 2016

Chris McKay
Abbey Road Live
Visulite Theater
Charlotte, NC
January 15, 2016
all photos 2016 Daniel Coston

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mothers Photos, Charlotte, NC, January 22, 2016

Double Door Inn
Charlotte, NC
January 20, 2016
photo copyright 2016 Daniel Coston

The Americans Photo, Charlotte, NC, January 20, 2016

The Americans
Evening Muse
Charlotte, NC
January 20, 2016
photo copyright 2016 Daniel Coston

January 22, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Eagles Photos, Charlotte, NC November 2013

Eagles Photo
TWC Arena
Charlotte, NC
November 2013
All photos copyright 2013 Daniel Coston
RIP Glenn Frey


Monday, January 18, 2016

Charlotte Museum Of History Show Intro

When I began taking photographs twenty years ago, I felt like a latecomer to the craft. I had spent the previous several years bouncing from one creative endeavor to the next. Creative writing, writing about sports, cartooning, videography, and producing and directing my own TV show for local TV. Photography was something that I just hadn’t gotten around to. However, I soon realized that photography was choosing me, just as much as I was choosing to take more photos. Within a year, I had begun to combine two of my recently found interests- photography, and the music scene around North Carolina- and haven’t really stopped since then. And what an adventure it has been.

Over the past twenty years, my camera has led me to places that continue to surprise me. Photographing the legends of music and arts, and artists as they rose to prominence. Travels across the United States, and to other countries. Having the opportunity to be the Scene & Heard photographer for the Charlotte Observer over the last fifteen years, and watch as Charlotte, NC became the city that everyone wanted to spend time on. Be they political conventions, writers, or just folks looking for a fun night on the town. My goals, however, have never really changed. To document the world that I saw around me, and to always stay open to new opportunities. To have fun exploring all of these things, and to do the best job that I could. 

For twenty years, I have let my photography say all of the things I couldn’t say. The photos in this show are all parts of that ongoing conversation. Images, stories, they’re all pieces of the puzzle. Of myself, the people I met and photographed along the way, and what happened on the way to here.

Enjoy the journey.
-Daniel Coston
September, 2015

Charlotte Museum Of History Show Captions

1. NCAA women’s final 4
Charlotte, NC
April, 1996

2. Little League state champions
Charlotte, NC
June, 2013

I started covering sports for the Matthews Record in January of 1995. They paid $30 a week for one article. I saw it as gas money, and off I went. I started taking photographs at games because the newspaper didn’t have a staff photographer. I enjoyed taking the photos, but my focus was still on writing, and taking photography more seriously was still some months away. That experience did allow to photograph rising stars such as Antawn Jamison, and the NCAA Women’s Final Four. I still enjoy photographing sports, although my schedule doesn’t often allow me to do so. One exception was going to the Little League state finals in Charlotte in 2013, which was won by Myers Park Trinity. As the team received their championship banner, the players came running towards me as they began their celebratory lap around the field. I later sent the photo to the Observer sports department, and said, “Don’t worry about paying me, just run the photo.” And they did. Those kids deserved that.

3. Steve Earle
Farm Aid
Columbia, SC
September, 1996

In September of 1995, Tangents Magazine began to hit the local newsstands. Tangents was a independent magazine that I was a part of from the first meeting, although my involvement grew as time went on. I saw my role on the staff as a utility player, much like someone in baseball that could play numerous positions. Writing features? Poetry? Organzing ideas for future issues? I did all of that, and wanted more.

In the fall of 1996, a series of events brought my next role to the forefront. Within the span of a week, I had the chance to interview the legendary writer Douglas Adams, and cover the annual Farm Aid Music Festival, which was being held that year in South Carolina. The magazine’s photographer at the time was busy, and chose not to cover either event. In a moment of bull-headedness and desperation, I decided to photograph both events. Farm Aid was especially fun, and was my first opportunity to photograph a number of the artists that you see in this show. By the end of the day, I knew that I wanted to spend more time on photography.

4. Spiritualized 
Tremont Music Hall
June, 1997

5. Jerry Lee Lewis
Charlotte, NC
September 1997

This show was part of a festival in downtown Charlotte. You could walk up and literally sit in front of Jerry Lee, right in the middle of Tryon Street. This show was fantastic. Another local photographer leaned into Jerry Lee at one point to take a photo, and Jerry Lee slowly turned to him and told him in no uncertain terms to move back. I stayed on the ground, and used my zoom lens to get the up-close photos I wanted. 

6. Briarhoppers
Charlotte, NC
February 2002

7. Arthur Smith
WTVI Studios
Charlotte, NC
May, 2004

8. Loonis McGlohon
WTVI Studios
Charlotte, NC
March, 1998

9. Maurice Williams and Jackson Browne
Charlotte, NC 
May, 2008

When I began to take more of an interest in muisc and photography, there was a number of local legends that I aware of. The Briarhoppers, Arthur Smith, Loonis McGlohon, Nappy Brown. They all had been a key part of building Charlotte’ music scene to global recognition. In time, I met and photographed a number of these artists, and got to see people like Maurice Wiliams, who had a number one hit in 1960 with “Stay”, play with legends like Jackson Browne, who also had a hit with Maurice’s song in 1976.

10. Babatunde Olatunji
Charlotte, NC
May, 1998

This legendary leader of African drumming came to Charlotte and performed a free show at the African-American Cultural Center. The performance was spellbinding, and made me aware for the first time of music as a powerful force, making it feel like it was picking you up off the ground. 

11. Wilco
Philadelphia, PA
October, 2002

I drove all night to Philadelphia to take these photos for a magazine in California. The band was known for being difficult to photographers. On the way to Philadelphia, I had bought a vintage set of Christmas lights, still in the box, for a dollar. Before the photo shoot, a mutual friend of myself and the band saw the box of lights, and said, “Do you think that the band will want to play with these?” and proceeded to set up the lights. As the band arrived for the photos, their leader, Jeff Tweedy, picked up the lights and said, “Are we supposed to play with these?” “Yes!” I replied, and began taking photos. The resulting photos were later used by the band, and this photo was recently featured in their best-of collection. Their publicist later to me, “They’re smiling in your photos. They never smile in photos! How did you do that?"

12. Al Green
Atlanta, GA
May, 2001

11. Iceland 
somewhere in Iceland
February, 2005

12. garden of Windsor Castle
Windsor, England
March, 2008

I came to Iceland in 2005, to take photos of a Charlotte-area band that was recording in that country. The band was fairly young, and were nervous. To take their mind off having their photos taken, I would often photograph them as they started the session, and then leave them alone. That also meant I was free to take day trips throughout the country, which I did several times.

I went to England in March of 2008 to photograph the reunion of the British band, the Zombies, who were performing their 1968 album Odessey & Oracle for the first time ever. The shows were good, but it was the rest of the country that fascinated me. So much history, and so much to see. I visited Windsor Castle, home of the Royal Family. As I toured the grounds, I looked over a hill to find a small garden, filled with purple flowers. The gardener’s trowel and gloves sat nearby. In retrospect, I see the photo as a reflection of my life. Constantly in search of moments I have yet to find, and much like the gardener, hoping to have some quiet impact on the garden around me.

13. Maya Angelou
Charlotte, NC
June, 2012

14. Sugar Ray and Roberto Duran
Charlotte, NC
January, 2012

15. Tom Wolfe
Charlotte, NC
March, 2010

16. Boy with hat
Charlotte, NC
May, 2003

In 2000, I began to work with Olivia Fortson on the Charlotte Observer’s Scene & Heard section. I soon came to view photographing social events in much the same way that I looked at photographing concerts. With both, you are not sure of the end result, but you set goals for yourself. Get good photos of the lead singer, or the event organizer. Make everyone look good, and have fun doing it. Fifteen years on, that is still what drives me.

There have been so many wonderful moments with the Observer, and the people I’ve covered. Getting to know Maya Angelou at her annual Women Who Lead galas, and taking photos of Tom Wolfe, and other luminaries. Getting Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran to pose for me. Meeting the many generations of Charlotte’s movers and shakers. A lot of good parties. Or sometimes, it’s meeting a baby with the same look in his eyes that I once had at that age, and watching him wear my hat in much the way I used to. Doing all of these events week after week also made me become more of a public person, and better at presenting myself, and my work. 

17. Avett Brothers
Mignonette recording session
June, 2004

18. Avett Brothers
backyard of Seth Avett’s house
August, 2004

19. Avett Brothers
Greensboro, NC
June, 2011

20. Avett Brothers
with Jimmie Johnson
Charlotte, NC
May, 2015

I met the Avetts through their bass player, Bob Crawford. He and I had been friends through another band that he had played with, and one night he told me that I should come see these two brothers that he had just started playing with. I ended up being the first “professional” photographer that the band worked with, and worked with the band on three albums and one EP, and did photos for a fourth album, but those photos were not used. Losing the Avetts to another photographer just as they started to get national attention was hard for me. Once again, like the Down From The Mountain tour, I thought that I had come so close to reaching a larger recognition. In the long run, it may just as well. Life can often take you to places that are better suited for you, even when you don’t think that you want to go there. My work with the band may never be “finished” to my satisfaction, but I was there at the beginning, and it’s amazing to see where it has all gone.  

21. Robert Pollard, Guided by Voices
Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, NC
September, 2010

22. Al Stewart
York, SC
May, 2004

23. James Taylor
DNC Convention
Charlotte, NC
September, 2012

24. PBS hosts 
DNC Convention
Charlotte, NC
September, 2012

26. Interior of arena
DNC Convention
Charlotte, NC
September, 2012

27. Barack Obama
DNC Convention
Charlotte, NC
September, 2012

As I mentioned before, I spent several years as a videographer, working for various people when I wasn’t taking photos. Occasionally, these lives did intersect. Out of the blue, I received a call from PBS, asking me to run a studio camera during their Democratic National Convention (DNC) coverage. Then they found out that I was also a still photographer, and asked me to photograph guests that came into the studio. 

That week was a thrilling, exhausting blur. Days on set last more than 12 hours. On the last of the convention, I drove to town to photograph a Chuck Close portrait of President Obama, dealing always with the multitudes of security. Take the photo, run home to edit and send off the photo for that night’s broadcast, and then back into to work until 3am. The contract for my North Carolina Musicians also came in the first day of the convention, and I was doing final edits on the book in my few hours in-between work. 

28. Neil Young
SXSW Festival
Austin, TX
March, 2007

29. Lyle Lovett
SXSW Festival
Austin, TX
March, 2003

30. Emmylou Harris
SXSW Festival
Austin, TX
March, 2007

31. Roky Erickson
SXSW Festival
Austin, TX
March, 2004

32. Alex Chilton, Big Star
SXSW Festival
Austin, TX
March, 2004

33. My Morning Jacket
SXSW Festival
Austin, TX
March, 2002

South By Southwest (SXSW) is an annual festival in Austin, Texas that I traveled to for a number of years. Each of those years provided a unique experience. Having the chance to photograph legends such as Emmylou Harris, and Neil Young. Seeing bands such as My Morning Jacket on the cusp of becoming a phenomenon, or meeting heroes such as Roky Erickson and Alex Chilton on the same day. It is a very different festival now, but I still believe that something like SXSW can exist, and provide something that leave a mark on the next music fan, or photographer.

34. Down From The Mountain cast
Raleigh, NC
August, 2003

35. Ralph Stanley and grandson Nathan Stanley
Charlotte, NC
September, 2006

In 2002, I had the opportunity to be involved with the Down From The Mountain tour, which had resulted from the Grammy-winning O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. It was excirting, and I really thought that it would be my break into working with major labels. Ultimately, I found the experience disappointing, although I got to know musicians such as Ralph Stanley, who later toured with his grandson, Nathan. At the end of the tour, I was faced with a choice. Keep chasing bigger projects in the hope that I might someday make money from that, or continue to seek out music that genuinely intersted me. I chose the latter, and among the first places that it led me to was the Carter Family Fold, and eventually, Johnny Cash.

36. Johnny Cash 
Hiltons, VA
June 21, 2003 

37. Johnny Cash 
Hiltons, VA
June 21, 2003 

38. Johnny Cash 
Hiltons, VA
July 5, 2003

39. front of Johnny Cash’s home 
Hiltons, VA
September, 2003

In June of 2003, I had the honor of being asked by the Carter Family to photograph what became Johnny Cash’s final public appearances, and the only ones he made after the death of wife June Carter Cash. For nearly three decades, Johnny and June had gone to the Carter Family Fold, hidden in the Virginia mountains, to perform a birthday show for June. The annual event was a homecoming for June, who had grown up in that area. When June passed away in May of 2003, it seemed that Johnny Cash, who had been ill for several years, would also not return to the Fold. Undaunted, he returned to the Fold the following month as a tribute to June, for what would have been her birthday show. With this as the backdrop, I photographed Cash’s two performances at the Fold that summer.

Despite his broken heart and ill health, the tribute show was emotional, and something that is still hard for me to put into words. So many people showed up for the show that the venue folded up their back wall, and people sat all the way up along the hillside. His second show was also good, and he promised the Carter family that he would return in the fall. It took me days after Cash’s passing in September, two months later, for me to realize the enormity of what I’d photographed. My photos have been used all over the place, including Time Magazine’s last interview with Cash. In recent years, both the Cash and Carter families have used my photos for a number of projects, including two books. Johnny Cash’s son John Carter has told myself, and others that his most of favorite photos of his dad from that last year are mine. I don’t like stating whether or not I am a good photographer- I’d rather let the work do that- but I will say this. For those shows, possibly two of the biggest events of my career, I believe I did a good job. And for someone that first read about Johnny Cash in a comic book when I was nine years old, I take great pride in that. 

40. Joe Thompson
Main Library of Charlotte
September, 2005

46. Carolina Chocolate Drops 
Charlotte, NC
December, 2010

When I first met Joe Thompson in 2005, he was the among the few African-American string band musicians that had played throughout the United States in the 1930s and 1940s, and was still playing. Later that year, Joe met a young group of musicians that wanted to learn his songs. This group became the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and would come to Joe’s house in Mebane, NC to play, listen and learn. It was been a wonderful thing to see the Drops take this music all over the world, again.

47. Doc Watson & Earl Scruggs
North Wilkesboro, NC
May, 2006

48. Flaming Lips
Charlotte, NC
June, 2012

49. Beach Boys 
Raleigh, NC
May, 2012

The Beach Boys were the first concert I ever saw. My parents took me to see them at the New York State Fair in September of 1983. From then on, I’ve been a lifelong fan. In the intervening years, I’ve met and photographed all of them at one show, or another. Meeting Carl Wilson and the Beach Boys at Farm Aid in 1996 was one of many highlights of that day. In 2012, all of the surviving members of the band toured together for their 50th anniversary. The venue was being difficult on photographers, and I had to put my gear back in my car. 

The magazine I was photographing that show for had been given sixth row seats. As the show’s second set started, I realized that if I didn’t try to take photos of the rest of the evening, it would always bother me. I told the attendants at the front gate that I had an emergency, and that I’d be right back. I I proceeded to sneak my camera and one of lenses in my socks, and walked back into the venue, making contact with the ushers the whole time, so that they would not look towards my shoes. I ended up getting the best photos of the show, including photos of their final bows. Twenty-nine years later, I finally got the Beach Boys photos that I wanted.

50. Aretha Franklin
Charlotte, NC
February, 2012

Aretha Franklin performed this show three days after her god-daughter, Whitney Houston passed away. During the show’s second set, Franklin performed a spontaneous gospel tribute to her, playing piano like she was never going to play again. It was a very real moment to witness.

51. Kings Of Leon
Charlotte, NC
September, 2006

Kings Of Leon were being Rock stars that night, and weren’t allowing photos of this show. Undaunted, I stood in the crowd, and figured out where the best places were to  take pictures without being seen. I sent this photo to the band the next day, and they immediately posted it on their website, where it stayed for a number of months. And I laughed, and laughed. 

52. Drive By Truckers
Patterson Hood’s backyard
Athens, GA
December, 1999

I met the band at an early show in Charlotte. A few months later, I went to Raieigh to see the band play. I took two rolls of photos that night. One in color, one in black & white. I then sent the photos to their leader, Patterson Hood, who immediately put the photos into the band’s second album. Looking back, I was lucky to work with a number of artists- Drive By Truckers, Avett Brothers, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Tift Merritt, Andrew Bird, and others- before they made it big. Somebosy once asked me what my secret was to such things. I don’t know, I answered. I like the music, and I like the people. After that, the photos were easy.

53. Decemberists
Raleigh, NC
June, 2006

54. Les Paul 
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, TN
July, 2003

Two weeks after photographing Johnny Cash’s last show, I traveled to Nashville and spent two days photographing the legendary Les Paul. The first night featured a show at the Ryman Auditorium. As the lights dimmed for the show, the Ryman showed a video of the first ever televised performance of the Grand Ole Opry. The guest that night? Les Paul, with his then-wfie Mary Ford. Les then walked out on stage, to a standing ovation. I also heard Les tell a number of jokes that weekend. Many of which I can’t repeat, but they were all very funny.

55. Paul McCartney
Charlotte, NC
June, 2011

56. Sean Lennon
Charlotte, NC
June, 2012

57. Rolling Stones 
Raleigh, NC
August, 2015

I heard the Beatles when I was four years old, and my mind was forever changed. The music, the look (be they in 1964, or 1969), all of it. I’ve photographed Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on different occasions, and have also met and photographed a number of their offspring, such as Sean Lennon. Other groups, such as the Rolling Stones, I heard later on, but also had an affect on me. It’s a right of passage as a music fan, and photographer. Listen to the records, go see their show, and take their photo. 

58. Andy Griffith, with Mike Easley
Mt. Airy, NC
May, 2002

This was taken at the dedication of part of the highway around Mt. Airy to be renamed for Andy Griffith, who had grown up in Mt. Airy. At one point, during the program, one local politician gave a speech that went on forever. And forever. During his speech, a number of photographers and I snuck off of the media platform, and into the crowd to be closer to Griffith. At the end of the politician’s speech, the man said, “I’d now like to introduce Governor Jim Hunt.” Governor Hunt had been the previous governor. Andy, the state’s then-current Governor, Mike Easley, and Easley’s wife all proceeded to crack up in laughter, and we all got great photos of Griffith’s beaming smile. 

59. Superchunk
Durham, NC
June, 2002

60. Ryan Adams
Raleigh, NC
September, 2000

61. Jimbo Mathus
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Charlotte, NC
November, 2007

62. Kenny Roby
Charlotte, NC
September, 2004

63. Chatham County Line
Charlotte, NC
March, 2014

64. Roman Candle (live jumping pic, 2005)
Chapel Hill, NC
June, 2005

Soon affer I began taking photos, I started traveling to other cities in North Carolina to document their music scenes. In the late 1990s, the Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh scenes were exploding with great artists, such as Superchunk, Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Kenny Roby and many, many more. Those travels led me to wrok with all of these acts, and artists that have arrived in the years since, like Chatham County Line, and Roman Candle.  What I also liked traveling to those cities was that I was not some “local guy” taking their photos. I was seen as a photographer, who happened to live in Charlotte. And I’ve always appreciated that.

65. Strokes (2004)
Charlotte, NC
March, 2004

66. Coldplay
Charlotte, NC
February, 2002

67. James Brown
Charlotte, NC
January, 2001

68. Billy Preston
Charlotte, NC
May, 2002

69. Ray Charles
Charlotte, NC
May, 1998

70. BB King
Charlotte, NC
February, 2014

71. Willie Nelson 
Charlotte, NC
December, 2012

72. Janis Ian
Gastonia, NC
September, 2005

73. Procol Harum 
Raleigh, NC
June, 2014

74. Sonics 
Beachland Ballroom
Cleveland, OH
February, 2014 

Over time, I have been fortunate to photograph many of the musicians that I regarded as legends. James Brown, Billy Preston, B.B. King, Willie Nelson. Some legends, such as Janis Ian, or Procol Harum, achieved some great success, while others like the Sonices are not as well known to a mainstream audience. But they were all legends, to me. They were creators of music that I enjoyed, and wanted to be a part of. 

75. Pinetop Perkins 
Charlotte, NC
May, 2004

76. RL Burnside
Charlotte, NC
September, 1997

77. Hubert Sumlin
Nashville, TN 
July, 2003

78. Benton Flippen
Silk Hope, NC
September, 2009

79. Cpt. Luke & Mac Hayes
Winston-Salem, NC
December, 2007

Like many other photographers, I love photographing older musicians. The music, the look. The characters. Pinetop Perkins, R.L. Burnside, Hubert Sumlin and others took their music all over the world. Others, like Benton Flippen, a legandary 89 year-old fiddler when I first met him, and Macavine Hayes & Captain Luke (both of whom are part of Durham, NC’s Musicmaker Relief Foundation), did not let time, or other circumstances get in the way of playing. And I count myself very lucky to have met them all.

80. Merle Haggard
Alexandria, VA
October, 2003

I drove to Alexandria, VA to take photos of Merle Haggard for a microphone company. When I got to the venue, his band said, “Oh, we stopped using that mic. It kept not working.” But Haggard and his folks were very gracious, and let me get these photos. As I was setting up, Merle Haggard stood on stage and played air guitar in some of my photos. Priceless.

81. Bruce Springsteen 
Randalls Island, NY
August, 2004

I took this picture of Bruce Springsteen as he stood in the wings at a music festival near New York City. I drove all night to photograph this festival, and proceeded to photograph all 45 acts that performed that day. My memories of that day are a sleep-deprived blur, but it was certainly an adventure.

82. White Stripes 
Charlotte, NC
June, 2003

83. St. Paul and the Broken Bones
Charlotte, NC
December, 2013

84. Monkees
Raleigh, NC
June, 2013

85. Jean Ritchie
Swannanoa Gathering
June, 2009

86, 87. Gospelshout
Charlotte, NC
September, 2006

Gospelshout is an amazing annual festival in Charlotte that celebrates the Shout band music of the United House Of Prayer For All People. Every year, I come to take photos, and I get something special, in return. The people, and the experience are amazing. 

88. Mercury Dime 
Faith, NC
September, 1996

89. Loudermilks
near Carrboro, NC
June, 2014

90. Sammies 
photo session for first album cover
Wadesboro, NC
January, 2006

91. Benji Hughes
Randolph Lewis’ wedding
North Carolina
June, 2001

As I began taking photos of musicians in Charlotte, the first several bands I met all asked me to take photos of them. There were very few photographers covering the music scene at the time, and many of them soon became good friends of mine. Bands like Mercury Dime, Lou Ford (which later evolved into the Loudermilks), Benji Hughes, and others all became guinea pigs for me teaching myself how to photograph music. I still like finding great local talent, like the Avett Brothers, or the Sammies to photograph. As long as there are is new music, and new ideas, there is always something new to document.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Randy Newman Photos, Charlotte, NC, January 15, 2016

Randy Newman
with the Charlotte Symphony
Charlotte, NC
January 15, 2016
all photos copyright 2016 Daniel Coston

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Show Talk This Friday

This Friday! January 15th! Charlotte Museum of History! I'll be giving about my photography career (so far), and the photos that make sure my current exhibit at the Museum, with a few surprises. Free admission, and food and drink will be available. Reeve Coobs plays at 6pm, and the trouble (as Mark Twain once said) will begin around 7pm. Hope to see you there.
January 12, 2016


Safe travels, Starman.
January 12, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Photo Archive List, 1996 to 2004

Note:* denotes posed/candid pix included; italics notes that the group is disbanded
National/International/Regional Bands:
Johnny A.* Color/B&W Feb. 02
Abandoned Pools Color July 02
AC/DC 2 rolls- Color March 01
Acid Mothers Temple Color March 02
Acoustic Syndicate (2 shows) Color July 98, April 01
Ryan Adams (ex-Whiskeytown) (2 shows) B&W/Color Oct. 99, Sept. 00
Alice Adkins* (Hazel & Alice) Color/B&W June 03
Aerosmith (2 shows) Color Sept. 01, Sept. 03
AFI 2 rolls- Color July 01
Agenda 2 rolls- Color Jan. 03
Agents Of Good Roots Color Aug. 98
Clay Aiken Color Feb. 04
Scott Ainslie* (3 shows) Color/B&W Jan. 03, Feb 04
Alabama Color July 03
Alaska! Color Mar. 04
Albert Hill Color Oct. 98
Album Leaf* Color July 04, Feb., Mar 06, Jan 07
Alkaline Trio Color Aug. 02
All 2 rolls-Color Oct. 98
All Mighty Senators Color Oct. 00
Davie Allan Color Aug. 04
Bernard Allison 2 rolls-B&W/color Jan. 98
Allman Brothers Band Color July 03
Dave Alvin* (3 shows) B&W/Color Mar., Oct. 99, May 01, Mar.04
(includes photos w/ Robbie Fulks)
AM/FM Color March 02
AM Radio* Color May 03
Ambulance Ltd. Color July 04
American Flag* 2 rolls- Color Jan. 00
American HiFi 2 rolls- Color Sept. 01
Amazing (Royal) Crowns* (3 shows) B&W/color March, Nov. 98, Jan. 00
American Analog Set* (3 shows) B&W/Color Aug.99, Sept. 01, Mar.‘02, Mar.04
Sam Anderson Color Aug. 03
Andrew WK 2 rolls- Color Sept. 02
Anti-Carpetbaggers (ex-Backsliders) Color/B&W Dec. 00
ANTiSEEN* (3 shows) B&W/color April, Oct. 97, Aug. 01
Angie Aparo* (3 shows) Color April, Sept. 00, Sept. 01
Nancy Apple Color Feb. 02
Apples In Stereo 2 shows- color April 00, March 07
Archers Of Loaf (2 shows) Color/B&W May, Dec. 98
(includes 3 rolls of the Archers final show)
Arrogance (w/Don Dixon) Color Nov. 02
Joseph Arthur Color/B&W May 03
Ash Color March 02
Ashley Stove (2 shows) Color Sept. 99, Feb. 01
Asleep At The Wheel Color March 02
Association* Color Dec. 03
Ataris* Color April 03
Athenaeum (6 shows) B&W/Color July 98 - Sept. 01
Brian Auger’s Oblivian Express* Color/B&W June 04
Autumn Defense Color Mar. 04
Avett Brothers* B&W/Color Dec. 02 - Mar. 04
B-52s 2 rolls-Color July 98
Baby Rosebud B&W Aug. 00
Backsliders* (3 shows) B&W/Color Jan., April 99, Feb.00, Nov. 03
(includes photos of Chip Robinson with Alejandro Escovedo)
Bad Religion (2 shows) Color Aug. 02, Aug. 05
Badly Drawn Boy* (2 shows) Color May 01, May 02
Joan Baez* (3 shows) B&W/Color April, Aug. 98, Oct. 03
David Baerwald Color/B&W March 02
Bagman Color March 98
Balboas* B&W May 98
Marcia Ball Color/B&W Oct. 02
Dave Barbe (Producer, ex-Sugar) B&W/Color May 99
Bardo Pond Color/B&W June 01
Bare Jr. 5 rolls- Color/B&W Feb. 01
Barenaked Ladies Color Aug. 98
Danny Barnes* (ex-Bad Livers) Color/B&W May 03
Devandra Barnhart Color June 04
Chris Barron (Spin Doctors) Color Aug. 98
Lou Ann Barton Color/B&W Feb. 02
John Berry Color April 98
Battershell* Color July 99
Beach Boys* (3 shows) Color Sept. 83, July 00, May 02
Beausoleil (Michael Doucet) Color/B&W July 03
Jeff Beck Color/B&W Sept., 03
Beechwood Sparks Color July 02
Beenie Man* Color Aug. 02
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones Color Aug. 98, July 03
Archie Bell Color Dec. 01
Regina Belle Color Sept. 01
Belle & Sebastian 4 rolls- Color Oct. 03
Belmont Playboys B&W/Color Numerous shows
Ben Folds Five (3 shows) Color Sept. 97, April98, May99
Jay Bennett & Ed Burch Color/B&W Nov. 02
Tony Bennett 2 rolls- Color Aug. 01
(includes photos w/ k. d. lang at 75th birthday show)
Pierre Bensusan Color Nov. 02
Benton Falls* Color/B&W Nov. 02
Berlin Color Sept. 02
Betsy In The Gene Pool (2 shows) Color/B&W Feb., Sept. 99
Better Than Ezra Color May, 02
Bettie Serverrt (2 shows) Color Sept. 99, Oct. 00
Dickey Betts Color July 02
Between The Buried & Me Color Dec. 03
Bevis Frond 3 rolls- Color May 01
Jim Bianco Color Aug. 03
Big Ass Truck* (5 shows) B&W/Color April 98, Oct. 99, May, Oct. 00
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy* (2 shows) B&W/color March, Aug. 98
Big Joe Color March 99
Big Lazy B&W/Color March 00
Big Ray and the Futuras Color Aug. 00
Big Star* Color/B&W Mar., Aug 04
Billy Bacon & The Forbidden Pigs Color March 00
Billygoats Color March 99
Bio Ritmo (2 shows) Color/B&W July 98, April 99
Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire* (6 shows) B&W/Color March 99 - March 02
Biscuit Boys Color May 03
Black Crowes 2 rolls- Color April 01
Black Eyed Dog* (3 shows) Color/B&W Nov. 00, Feb., Oct. 02
Black Heart Procession Color/B&W Oct. 02
Black Keys* 4 rolls- Color Oct. 03
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Color/B&W Sept. 01
Danny Black’s Healthy White Baby* Color/B&W March 02, Mar. 04
The Blacks* (4 shows) B&W/Color April, June 99, March, Aug. 00
Blacktop Rockets Color Aug. 98
Norman Blake* (4 shows) Color Jan., April, June, July 02
Blanche Color Mar. 04
Bobby Blue Bland Color April 03
Bleu Color Aug. 03
Blind Boys of Alabama (5 shows) Color May 01 - March 05 (w/John Hammond, Charlie Musselwhite, David Lindley, others)
Blink-182 Color May 04
Blonde Redhead (4 shows) Color April 98, Feb., May 99, April 00
Bloodhound Gang (Color) Nov. 00
Bloodkin Color Aug. 00
Bloodthirsty Lovers Color April 02
Blue Balls Deluxe B&W Feb. 00
Blue Dogs Color Jan. 02
Blue Oyster Cult 2 rolls- Color April 00
Blue Rags* (9 shows) B&W/color April 97 - Aug. 2006
Blue Berries Color July 98
Blue Mountain (2 shows) B&W/Color March, Aug. 00
(includes photos of Cary Hudson w/ Kenny Roby)
Blueground Undergrass B&W June 01
Blues Traveler (4 shows) B&W/color Aug. 97, Aug. 98, Aug. 04, April 06
Blur Color Mar. 03
Bob Log III 2 rolls- Color Aug. 01
BoDeans Color Mar. 04
Jane Bond Color/B&W Mar. 03
Gary U.S. Bonds Color Mar. 04
Tracy Bonham Color Mar. 04
Boss Martians* (3 shows) Color May 02, Oct. 03, Aug. 04
Bottle Rockets (2 shows) Color/B&W Jan. 00, April 02
Bowser* (Sha Na Na) Color May 03
Boxset (w/ Jack Casady) Color Feb. 04
Boy Sets Fire Color May 03
Joe Boyd* (record producer) Color March 07
Billy Bragg* Color/B&W Nov. 03, March 06
Skeeter Brandon Color April 98
Brandtson* B&W/Color June 01, May 02, April 03
Breaking Benjamin Color July 04
Brian Jonestown Massacre Color/B&W Mar.03, Jan 04
Jim Brickman* Color Aug. 00, Aug. 02
Bristol Crossing Color Oct. 03
Broadcast Color Nov. 03
Jonatha Brooke Color/B&W June 01
Brooks & Dunn* Color Nov. 03
Bros. Creeggan Color (bass player for Barenaked Ladies) Feb. 00
Greg Brown Color/B&W Feb. 03
James Brown 2 rolls- Color Feb. 01
Junior Brown B&W/color April 98
Nappy Brown Color/B&W April 04
Pieta Brown (w/Greg Brown, Bo Ramsey) Color/B&W Feb. 03
BR5-49* (4 shows) B&W/Color March 99, April 00, Sept. 01, Aug. 04
George Bucher* Color Aug. 03
Buckcherry Color April 01
Buckethead Color Aug. 99
(includes photos with Primus)
Buckinghams* Color May 03
Richard Buckner* (10 shows) B&W/Color Numerous times
(includes photos with Alejandro Escovedo, others)
Buckwheat Zydeco Color/B&W Feb. 02
Buick MacKane (Alejandro Escovedo) Color Oct. 97
Built To Spill Color/B&W Sept. 01
Burning Airlines B&W/Color April 99
Burning Brides Color April 03
R. L. Burnside B&W Sept. 97
Burns Out Bright* Color/B&W Aug., Dec. 03
Burrito Deluxe*(w/Pete Kleinow, Garth Hudson)Color/B&W Mar. 03, Aug.04
James Burton Color/B&W Aug.97
(Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley & Jerry Lee Lewis guitarist)
Bush 2 rolls- Color April 02
Sam Bush Color Sept. 02
Busta Rhymes Color Aug.03
Butchies* Color March, April 04
Jerry Iceman Butler* Color Aug. 01
Buttons Color June 01
Buzzcocks* 4 rolls- color Oct. 99, March 07
Buzzov-en Color March 98
Dan Byrk* B&W April 02
C-60s Color July 98
Robert Cage* B&W July 99
(includes photos with Hezekiah Early and Elmo Williams)
John Cale* Color Mar. 04
J. J. Cale Color/B&W June 04
Calexico* (3 shows) B&W/Color June 00, May 01, Nov. 02
Califone* (3 shows) B&W/Color May 00, Oct.02, 2003
Calla 2 rolls- Color Dec. 02
Calling Color June 04
Cameo Color April 02
Kate Campbell Color Oct. 02
Campfire Girls Color Nov. 02
Candella Color Oct. 98
Candiria Color July 02
Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) (2 shows) Color Jun. 98, April 02
Capsize 7 Color Dec. 98
Car Bomb Inc 2 rolls- Color Oct. 00
Carbon Leaf* Color March 03, Mar. 04
Carlene Carter* Color Nov.03, May 04
Janette & Joe Carter* (Carter Family) Color/B&W Nov. 02 - May. 04
Caitlin Cary* Color/B&W Sept. 00 - Feb. 04
(inc. photos w/ other former Whiskeytown members)
Casanovas Color March 03
Neko Case (w/Joey Burns of Calexico) 2 rolls- Color May 01
Peter Case Color/B&W May 00, Nov. 03, Mar. 04
John Carter Cash* Color June, Nov.03, May 04
Johnny Cash* (2 shows) Color/B&W June, July 03
Roseanne Cash* Color Nov. 03
Cash Audio Color May 97
Cash Brothers Color/B&W Jan. 02
Cast Iron Filter* (5 shows) Color/B&W March, June, Aug.01, Jan, Sept. 03
Cato Salsa Experience Color Oct. 02
Causey Way 3 rolls- Color/B&W Dec. 98
Felix Cavilere* (Rascals) Color Dec. 02
Cee Knowledge & Cosmic Funk Orchestra (ex-Digable Planets) Color Sept. 00
Chamber Strings Color May 01
Chambers Brothers* Color/B&W Nov. 03
Champs (F’n) Color Nov. 99
Ray Charles Color/B&W Sept. 98
Cherokee* Color July 99
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (3 shows) B&W/color June, Sept. 97, March 98
Chevelle Color May, Aug. 03
Chubby Carrier Color Feb. 98
Vic Chesnutt* (6 shows) Color/B&W Mar. 97 - March 2005
Cheap Trick Color May 00
Chicago (w/EW&F) Color July 04
Chicken Wire Gang Color Feb.00
Chieftains 2 rolls- Color July 00
W. C. Clark* B&W Mar. 03
David Childers* Color/B&W Numerous shows
Choobakka* Color March 02
Chocolate Watchband Color Aug. 04
Chupacapra B&W May 00
Cigar Store Indians (7 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 98 - April 01
City Of Caterpillar B&W May 00
Chesterfield Kings* Color Aug. 04
Clare de Lune* B&W/Color Aug. 04
Guy Clark (3 shows) Color/B&W July 98, Sept. 00, March 03
Clarks B&W Jan. 01
Kelly Clarkson Color Feb. 04
Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater 3 rolls- Color Sept. 01
Slaid Cleaves* Color/B&W May 00, Feb.03
Clem Snide* (5 shows) Color Mar.02, Mar., Oct. 03
Vassar Clements Color Dec.02
George Clinton/P-Funk All-Stars (2 shows) Color Nov. 99, April 02
Clutch Color Sept. 01
Thad Cockerell* (9 shows) Color/B&W June 01 - April 2006
(includes photos with Caitlin Cary, Roman Candle)
Cold Sides B&W Dec. 02
David Allen Coe Color May 02
John Cohen* Color/B&W June 03
Coldplay Color/B&W Jan. 03
Collapsis* (5 shows) B&W/Color March98, April 99, April, June, Sept.00
Collective Soul Color April 03
Jessi Colter* Color Mar. 04
Comas* (14 shows) Color/B&W June 99 - May 04
Commander Cody Color June 03
Connells (2 shows) Color April 99, Feb. 00
Continental Drifters (2 shows) Color/B&W March 97, June 00
(Features ex-members of the dbs, Bangles, Cowsills, Giant Sand, others)
Miles Copeland II* Color March 02, March 04
Corneilius Color Aug. 99
Cornershop 4 rolls- Color May 02
Cotton Mather* Color/B&W March 02,03
Countdown Quartet* (6 shows) B&W/Color Sept 99 - Mar 01
(inc. members of Squirrel Nut Zippers)
Countdowns (w/Andre Williams) B&W/Color Jan.99
Counting Crows Color Oct.00
(includes photos of Adam Duritz w/Bettie Serverrt)
Course Of Nature Color July 02
Cowboy Mouth (2 shows) Color Aug.97, Feb.01
Cracker (2 shows) Color April 99, April 00
Cradle Of Filth Color Aug.03
Cramps Color May 03
Creation Color Aug. 04
Creeper Lagoon 2 rolls- Color May 01
Marshall Crenshaw* Color May, June 04
Robert Crenshaw* B&W/Color July 02, Feb.04
Crooked Fingers (ex-Archers Of Loaf singer) B&W/Color Feb.01, Jan 05
Mike Cross (2 shows) Color/B&W Feb.04, Jan 07
Cross My Heart B&W/Color March 00
Sheryl Crow* Color July 99
Rodney Crowell (4 shows) Color/B&W Feb., June, July 02
Crystal Method Color Sept. 01
Crystals (feat. Dee Dee) Color Dec. 01, Dec. 03
Cub Country Color March 03, May, Aug. 04
Cul-de-Sac (w/Damo Suzuki) Color/B&W Feb. 03
Cult 2 rolls- Color Sept. 00
Culture Club Color July 98
Cursive 2 rolls- Color Mar. 03
Catie Curtis Color June 02
Cutthroats .09 Color Nov. 00
Cynics Color Mar.04
Cypress Hill Color Aug. 98, May 04
D4 Color Mar. 03
Dick Dale 3 rolls- Color Nov.00
Damnations TX (4 shows) B&W/Color April99, Mar.00, Mar., Sept.02
Damnwells* Color Aug., Sept. 04
Evan Dando* Color June 04
Charlie Daniels* Color Nov. 03
Jennifer Daniels (3 shows) Color Sept., Nov. 02, Aug. 03
Darkness* Color June 04
Datsuns* Color March 03
Dave Davies (Kinks) 2 rolls-Color/B&W June 99
Ray Davies (Kinks) Color March 06
Dave Matthews Band (3 shows) Color May 01, July 02, June 05
Alana Davis B&W April 98
Kimya Dawson* (Moldy Peaches) Color March 02, Oct. 03
Howie Day* 2 rolls- Color July 02
Morris Day & the Time Color June 98
Days Of The New Color June 98
De Madera* 2 rolls-B&W/Color Jan. 00
Billy Dean Color June 98
Death Cab For Cutie Color April 04
Death In June* 3 rolls-B&W/color Nov. 97
Decemberists Color Mar. 04
Deep Fried* Color April 04
Deep Purple Color June 02
Default (2 shows) Color June, Sept. 02
Deftones Color June 99
Del Rey Color Jan. 99, Mar. 04
Delgados* 2 rolls- Color April 03
Delusion Color Sept. 01
Iris Dement Color Oct. 98
Derailers Color Sept. 97
Desaperedicos (Bright Eyes) Color/B&W Jan. 02
Desert City Soundtrack* Color/B&W April, Nov. 03
Destroyer* Color Oct. 02, Mar. 04
Detachment Kit Color April 03
Dexter Freebish 2 rolls- Color April 01
Dialated Peoples* Color/B&W Nov. 01
Deke Dickerson* (5 shows) Color/B&W Nov.98 - March 2005
Dictators* Color Aug. 04
Bo Diddley* 4 rolls- Color Jan. 02, Aug. 04
Dillards* (w/Maggie ÒCharleneÓ Mancuso) Color/B&W July, Sept. 04
Dillinger Escape Plan Color Aug. 99
Dillon Fence Color July 01
Ronnie James Dio Color June 02
dIRA* (3 shows) Color/B&W Aug., Oct. 99, May 00
Dirty Three 4 rolls-B&W/Color April 00
Dishwalla Color Sept. 98
Dismembership Plan Color Jan. 01
Disturbed Color Aug. 03
Ditchdiggers B&W June 99
DJ Logic 2 rolls- Color Nov. 02
Don Dixon* (w/Marti Jones) (8 shows) Color/B&W June 00 - Jan 2007
Dog's Eye View Color Sept. 97
Julie Doiron Color Feb. 00
Donna The Buffalo (2 shows) Color Oct. 00, Jan. 04
Donnas* (2 shows) Color Nov. 02, April 03
Pat Donohue Color/B&W Jan. 02
Florence Dore Color June 02
Mike Doughty (ex-Soul Coughing) Color May 04
Jerry Douglas (6 shows) Color Jan., June, July 02, Jan. 04, April 05
Dovetail Joint Color May 99
Dove Brothers Color Dec. 03
Doves* Color Sept. 02
Johnny Dowd (2 shows) B&W/Color Nov. 98, March 00
Down By Law Color Oct. 99
Dr. Elmo Color Dec. 01
Dr. John* B&W/Color April 98, April 03
Dragons Color Mar. 04
Tad Dreis* Color Dec. 03, Sept. 04
Drive-By Truckers* (13 shows) B&W/Color Jan.99 - Jan. 04
Pete Droge (Thorns) Color Oct. 98, July 03
Drowning Pool Color July 01
Gus Dudgeon* Color March 02
Nicolai Dunger* Color Mar. 03
Bob Dylan Color April 01
Dynamite Brothers (3 shows) B&W/Color Dec. 02, Aug. 03
Fred Eaglesmith* Color/B&W May 98, Jan. 00
Steve Earle* (5 shows) Color/B&W Oct.96, June02, Nov.03, April 05
Stacie Earle* (w/ Mark Stuart*) Color/B&W Sept. 02, Feb. 04
Hezekiah Early* B&W July 99
(includes photos with Robert Cage and Elmo Williams)
Mitch Easter* (producer) Color/B&W Nov. 97, Oct. 03
Earth Wind & Fire (w/Chicago) Color July 04
Earth Crisis Color June 98
Eastmountainsouth* Color/B&W Oct. 03
Tim Easton Color/B&W Aug. 02
Lauren Echo B&W June 03
Kathleen Edwards* B&W/Color Dec. 02, Mar. 03
Walter Egan Color May 02
Mark Eitzel Color Aug. 98
Elbow Color March 02
Electric Six 3 rolls- Color Oct. 03
Electric Prunes Color Aug. 04
Elefant Color July 04
Eleventeen (Jolene/Lodestar/Glory Fountain side project)
(4 shows) Color Sept., Dec. 98, May, July 99
Elf Power* (8 shows) Color/B&W Oct.00 - Oct. 02
Elmer Color March 98
Joe Ely* (Flatlanders) Color/B&W Aug. 02, Mar. 03
Emma Gibbs Band Color June 01
Enon Color May 00
Roky Erickson* Color Mar. 04
Alejandro Escovedo* (13 shows) B&W/Color Numerous times
(inc. photos w/ Chip Robinson, Caitlin Cary, Richard Buckner, others)
Javier Escovedo Color April 97, Mar. 04
Eskimos Color June 98, June 99
Joe Esposito* (Elvis confidante) Color Aug. 02
Essex Green B&W May 00
Evenescence* Color July 03, July 04
Eve 6 2 rolls- Color Sept. 00
Everclear Color/B&W Sept.00, Aug.04
Everlast 2 rolls- Color Sept. 00
Everything Color/B&W Nov. 02
Eyeliners* Color April 99, Aug. 02
Jad Fair (Half Japanese) (2 shows) Color March 02
Fairport Convention* Color Oct. 04
Faith No More Color Sept. 97
Fall 2 rolls- Color July 03
Fantomas (see also Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) Color April 04
Far Too Jones Color April 99
Jay Farrar (see also Son Volt) Color Mar. 03
Fastball (4 shows) Color April, Aug.98, Oct. 00, Mar. 03
Fear Factory Color June 99
Fenix TX* Color/B&W Sept. 00, April 01
Melissa Ferrick Color May 02
Few* Color May 03
50 Cent Color Aug. 03
Figgs Color Oct. 01
Filter Color Sept. 02
Finch* Color Jan. 03
Neil Finn Color March 02
Joe Firstman* Color/B&W June 03, Feb. 04
Fishbone* 3 rolls- Color April 00
Five-Eight* (4 shows) Color Mar.01, Mar.03, Mar., June 04
Fixx 2 rolls- Color Sept.01
Flaming Lips (3 shows) Color/B&W Aug. 99, April 00, April 03
Flashing Lights 2 rolls- Color Aug. 02
Flashpoint Color June 99
Flat Duo Jets (4 shows) Color/B&W July 97, Oct. 98
Fleetwood Mac Color May 04
Flickerstick Color April 02
Flogging Molly Color Aug. 02
Fly Pan Am Color April 01
John Fogerty Color July 98
FM Einheit B&W March 98
Ben Folds (2 shows) Color Dec. 01, June 02
Foo Fighters 2 shows- Color Aug 97, April 03
D. J. Fontana* Color Aug. 02
Steve Forbert* B&W/Color May 00, Sept. 04
Jeff Foster* (Pinetops) (5 shows) B&W/Color May 99 - Oct. 06
Ruthie Foster Color/B&W Mar. 03
Fountains Of Wayne Color May 99, June 04
Four Tops Color April 99
Frames* Color Mar. 02, Mar. 03
Peter Frampton 2 rolls- Color April 03
Frantic Flattops B&W May 99
Freeloader Color Dec. 01
Freakwater (2 shows) B&W/Color Oct. 99, Jan 05
Freight Hoppers 2 rolls- Color/B&W Jan. 00
Janie Fricke Color Nov. 03
From Autumn To Ashes* Color Jan. 03
Front 242 2 rolls- color Aug. 98
Fugazi* 4 rolls- color Jan. 00
Robbie Fulks* (8 shows) Color/B&W March 99 - April 05
(includes photos with Dave Alvin)
Tony Furtado Color April 98
G. Love & Special Sauce (4 shows) April 99, Aug.03, May 04, May 06
Reeves Gabriels* Color April 98
Gap Band Color April 00
Get Up Kids 2 rolls- Color Jan. 01
Greta Gaines* Color July 99
Galactic Color April 03, May 04
Gangstarr Color Aug. 98
Bunk Gardner* (ex-Mothers) Color/B&W Jan. 02
Art Garfunkel Color Mar. 03
Larry Gatlin* Color Nov. 03
Mary Gauthier* Color/B&W March 03
Geezer Lake* (3 shows) B&W/color April, June 97, May 00
Gen. Johnson & Chairmen of the Board Color April 03
Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV) Color March 98
Gerbils Color June 02
The Ghost* Color Aug. 01
Gibson Brothers Color April 04
Eliza Gillickson B&W/Color Feb., Mar. 03
Jimmie Dale Gilmore* (Flatlanders) Color/B&W Aug. 02
Gin Blossoms* Color Aug. 03
Gingersol Color Aug. 03
Glands Color Nov. 00
Glass Candle Grenade Color March 99
Glenmont Popes Color May 98
Gloria Record Color June 02
Glory Fountain* (8 shows) Color/B&W Jan. 98 - June 02
Godsmack Color July 00, April 04
Godspeed You Black Emperor! (B&W/Color) Dec. 00
Goldenboy* 2 rolls- Color Oct. 02
Goldfinger Color Sept. 97
Goo Goo Dolls Color Sept.99
Good Charlotte (3 shows) Color Sept.00, July 01, Aug. 02
Good Life* Color Oct. 04
Gore Gore Girls Color Aug. 04
Kevin Gordon* (5 shows) B&W/Color July99, June01, Feb., June 02, June04
Gorkys Zygotic Minki Color Oct.03
Gourds* Color/B&W July01, Sept.03, Mar.04
Gov’t Mule Color Sept. 99
Tracy Grammer Color June 02, May 04
Great Big Sea* Color/B&W Mar. 03
Jon Dee Graham* Color Mar. 03, Mar., Sept. 04
Grand Funk Railroad B&W/color Jan. 98
Grand National* (11 shows) Color/B&W June 97 - June 03
(Includes Ed from fIREHOSE and Jon Wurster from Superchunk)
Grandaddy (2 shows) Color April 01, Oct. 03
Grass Roots (feat. Rob Grill) Color Dec. 02
Grasshopper Highway (2 shows) Color/B&W April 98, March 99
Great Lakes 2 rolls- Color April 00
Al Green (2 shows) Color May 01, April 02
Pat Green 2 rolls- Color May 02
Green Day 2 rolls- Color Jan. 01
Isaac Green & the Skalars B&W June 97
Greenhornes* Color/B&W Sept. 01, June 03
Greenwheel Color Sept. 02
Patty Griffin Color May 02
Nanci Griffith B&W Aug. 98
Grifters (2 shows) color/B&W May, Sept. 97
Grip Weeds Color Oct. 02
David Grisman* (3 shows) Color July 01,02,04
Groovie Ghoulies Color April 99
Gufs Color June 99
Guided by Voices* (12 shows) B&W/color July 97 - Jan. 04
Gunmoll Color July 01
Arlo Guthrie* (w/Sara Lee Guthrie) Color/B&W March 03, May 04
Sara Lee Guthrie* (w/Johnny Irion*) (5 shows) Color June 02 - May 04
Guttermouth Color Aug. 02
Buddy Guy (2 shows) B&W/color June 98, Sept. 01
H20 2 rolls- Color July 01
Sammy Hagar (w/ Michael Anthony) 3 rolls- Color Aug. 02
Merle Haggard* Color/B&W Oct. 03
Tom T. Hall* Color May 04
Halou Color March 02
John Hammond, Jr. Color/B&W March 00, May 01
(includes shots of Hammond w/Blind Boys of Alabama)
Col. Bruce Hampton & The Codetalkers Color Feb. 03
Butch Hancock* (Flatlanders) Color/B&W Aug. 02
Hangdogs Color June 99
Happy Flowers B&W/Color March 00
Sarah Harmer 2 rolls- Color Aug. 01
Ben Harper B&W/Color Aug. 98
Corey Harris* Color/B&W Jan. 04
Emmylou Harris (4 shows) Color Jan., June, July 02
Alvin Youngblood Hart B&W/Color Feb. 99
Juliana Hatfield Color Sept. 00
Richie Havens* Color Nov. 01, Mar. 03, Feb. 04
Greg Hawks (Tremblers) B&W Oct. 99
Hayden Color/B&W April 02
Colin Hay (Men At Work) Color Feb. 04
Issac Hayes Color June 98
Hayseed Dixie (2 shows) Color June, Oct. 01
Levon Helm & Barn Burners B&W/Color April 00
Joe Henry B&W/color May 96, March 06
Herman’s Hermits (feat. Peter Noone)* Color/B&W May 02, May 03
Carolyn Hester (w/David Blume) Color/B&W June 03
John Hiatt* Color Sept.01, Feb. 02, Aug. 03, May 04
George Higgs* B&W/Color Jan. 03
High Dials Color Mar. 04
High Strung Color Sept. 03, Jan. 04
Byron Hill* Color/B&W Sept. 01, 02
Chris Hillman* (2 shows) B&W/Color June 00, Dec. 05
(includes photos of Hillman w/Tony Rice, others)
His Name Is Alive 2 rolls- Color Aug. 01
Robyn Hitchcock* Color Aug. 99, March 04, March 07
(includes photos of Hitchcock w/ Sebadoh)
Hives Color Mar. 04
Hobex* (12 shows) Color/B&W June 98 - Nov. 03
Andi Hoffmann & B-Goes (3 shows) B&W Jan., May, Oct. 99
Malcolm Holcombe* Color March 02, Sept., Dec.‘03
Jolie Holland* Color Mar. 04
Steve Holley (ex-Wings) Color June 03
Eddie Holman Color Dec.01, Dec.03
Peter Holsapple*(ex-dbs*, REM) Color March 97 - March 2007
(inc. photos w/ Steve Wynn & Continental Drifters, and the dbs)
Hootie and the Blowfish (4 shows) Color/B&W Oct.96 - April 02
Hopesfall Color/B&W March 00
Bruce Hornsby 2 rolls- Color April 01
Hot Hot Heat* 3 rolls- color July 03
Hot Skillett Lickers Color Oct. 98
Hot Tuna (4 shows) Color Feb. 04, Feb 05, Nov. 05, Nov 06
Hot Water Music Color July 01
Hotwire* Color Aug.03
Howie B. B&W May 97
Danielle Howle* Color/B&W Numerous times
(includes photos of her with the Tantrums, and Those Bastard Souls)
Ray Wylie Hubbard Color Nov. 99, Mar. 03, Mar. 04
Human Drama Color April 98
Human League Color July 98
Billy Idol 2 rolls- Color July 01
Immortal Lee County Killers* (5 shows) B&W/Color Nov. 99 - May 04
Imperial Teen* Color March 02
Janis Ian* Color Sept. 01, June, Sept. 04
Incredible String Band Color Sept. 04
Incubus Color July 00, Oct. 04
Indigo Swing (2 shows) Color/B&W Sept.98
Jack Ingram (2 shows) B&W/Color Oct. 99, Mar. 03
(includes photos of Ingram with Charlie & Bruce Robison)
(International) Noise Conspiracy Color Mar. 04
International Orange Color Sept. 03
Interpol 2 rolls- Color Dec. 02
IQU (formerly ICU) Color Aug. 99
Mike Ireland* & Holler (2 shows) B&W/Color Aug.00, 02
Johnny Irion* & Sara Lee Guthrie* (4 shows) Color June 02, Feb., Mar. 03
Iron & Wine Color Mar. 04
Joe Jackson (w/original band) Color Mar. 03
Steven Jackson Color Feb. 02
Mary Jacobs Color Oct. 98
Rick James 2 rolls- Color June 02
Jane’s Addiction 2 rolls- Color Oct. 01
Duane Jarvis* (9 shows) Color/B&W Jan. 00 - Sept. 02
Jay-Z 2 rolls- Color Aug. 02
Jayhawks* Color/B&W Jan. 02, Mar., June 03, Aug. 04, March 05
Jazz Mandolin Project Color Sept. 04
Wyclef Jean/Refugee All-Stars Color Aug. 98
Jejeune Color Sept. 99
Jennyanykind* (7 shows) Color/B&W Feb. 99 - Feb. 03
Kim Jenz & the Jaguars B&W Nov. 99
Jesus Lizard Color/B&W May 98
Jet By Day Color Jan. 03
Jethro Tull (2 shows) Color July 00, April 02
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Color July 02
Jewel B&W Oct. 96
Jimmie’s Chicken Shack Color June 98
Jimmy and the Teasers* Color Oct. 03
Jimmy Eat World (2 shows) Color May 99, July 01
David Johansen Color/B&W July 03
Elton John B&W Sept. 02
John Wilkes Kissing Booth Color July 02
Johnny Society Color Oct. 00
Eric Johnson* Color March 02
Freedy Johnston Color/B&W Nov. 01
Johnsons* (5 shows) Color/B&W Aug., Nov., Dec. 98, Feb. 99, June 00
Jolene* (9 shows) Color/B&W Jan. 98 - Aug.01
Jonathan Fire*Eater (2 shows) B&W/color Dec. 96 - Dec. 97
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (2 shows) B&W/Color Dec. 96, Jan. 99
George Jones Color/B&W April 02
Howard Jones Color July 98
Marti Jones (w/Don Dixon*) Color June 00, April 02
Norah Jones Color Aug. 04
Jordanaires* Color Aug. 02
Jucifer* (3 shows) B&W/Color March, May 00, Jan. 03
Gary Jules Color Nov. 02
Juliana Theory Color Jan. 01
Jump Little Children* (3 shows) B&W/Color June 97, Sept. 98, June 99
June of44 (2 shows) Color May 98, Sept. 99
Laurence Juper Color/B&W May 03
Jurrasic 5 Color/B&W April 04
Justincase* (9 shows) Color/B&W April 00 - Jan. 03
k. (Karla from Ida) Color/B&W Oct. 01
K’s Choice Color Sept. 97
Matthew Kahler Color July 99
(includes photo of Kahler with Shawn Mullins)
Si Kahn Color/B&W Jan. 03
Lenny Kaye Color/B&W Dec. 01
Keb Mo* Color/B&W Oct. 02, Sept. 03, June 04
Will Kimbrough* (4 shows) B&W/Color Dec. 00, Feb. 02, Feb., June 03
Kapo! (Death In June) Color Nov. 97
John P. Kee Color/B&W Feb. 02
Larry Keel (2 shows) Color/B&W June 01, Dec. 02
Robert Earl Keen* (4 shows) B&W/Color May, Nov. 98, Feb. 01, Feb. 03
Josh Kelley* Color/B&W June 03, May, June 04
Michael Kelsh B&W Aug. 03
Kid Rock* (2 shows) Color Jan.01, April 02, Nov .03
David Kilgour (w/Yo La Tengo) Color Oct. 04
Rock Killough Color Aug. 03
Killswitch Engage Color Aug. 03
Andy Kim* Color Dec. 03
B. B. King (3 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 00, Sept. 01, Sept. 03
Chris Thomas King* (4 shows) Color Jan., June, July 02
Kings X 2 rolls- Color Dec. 02, Jan. 05
Kingsbury Manx* (8 shows) B&W/Color Feb. 00 - July 03
Kevn Kinney Color April 02
Bill Kirchen Color/B&W Oct. 01
Millie Kirkham* Color Aug. 02
KISS (2 shows) Color Oct. 00, Sept. 03
Kittie Color July 00
KMFDM (see Slick Idiot) June 02
Knife In The Water B&W/Color June 00, Mar. 04
Chris Knight B&W May 99
Korn Color Aug. 03
Leo Kottke Color Aug. 03
Eddie Kramer* (Producer) Color March 02
Alison Krauss & Union Station (4 shows) Color Jan., June, July 02
Lenny Kravitz 2 rolls-Color/B&W May 99
Kris Kristofferson* Color Nov. 03, Mar. 04
Kropotkins (w/Moe Tucker) 2 rolls- Color May 01
Femi Kuti Color Oct. 01
Ben Kweller* (2 shows) Color July 02, April 04
k. d. lang Color Aug. 01, March 06
(inc. photos w/ Tony Bennett at his 75th birthday show)
Jon Langford* (Mekons, Waco Bros., etc.) May 00, Jan.01. Mar.03, Mar 06
Daniel Lanois* 3 rolls-Color Mar. 03
Labradford B&W/Color Feb. 01
Laburnum* Color/B&W Numerous shows
Lady Jay* Color March 02
Jimmy LaFave (2 shows) Color/B&W Feb. 02, Feb. 03
Lagwagon Color Aug. 02
Lakeside Color June 02
Lake Trout (2 shows) Color April 01, July 02
David Lamotte Color Jan. 03
Lambchop Color/B&W Feb. 00, June 06
Sonny Landreth Color/B&W June 04, March 05
Mark Lanegan (w/QOTSA) Color April 03
Jonny Lang Color Oct. 99
Jon Langford Color/B&W Mar. 03, 04, 05, 06
Patty Larkin Color/B&W Mar. 03
Last Burning Embers Color May 01
Jim Lauderdale* (6 shows) B&W/Color Oct.99 - Jan.04
Christine Lavin Color Feb. 02
Bernie Leadon* (Burritos, Eagles) Color Mar. 04
Paul Leary* (Butthole Surfers) Color Mar. 02
Daniel Lee* Color Feb. 02, July 03, June 04
Phil Lee* (7 shows) Color/B&W Jan. 99 - Feb. 02
Leftover Salmon B&W/color Aug. 97, Sept. 04
Legendary Pink Dots (2 shows) Color Oct. 97, Oct. 98
Adrian Legg Color July 03
Annie Lennox 2 rolls- Color Sept. 04
Lenola Color/B&W Oct. 01
Sondre Lerche Color March 03
Les Savy Fav (2 shows) Color May 99, June 00
Phil Lesh (ex-Grateful Dead) (2 shows) Color April 01, July 02
(w/Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, others)
Less Than Jake (2 shows) Color Oct. 98, July 01
Life In General Color Jan. 04
Lewis* Color/B&W June, July 02
Huey Lewis* Color Nov. 03
Jerry Lee Lewis (w/ James Burton) 3 rolls- B&W/color Aug. 97
David Lindley Color May 01
(includes Lindley w/Blind Boys of Alabama)
Mark Lindsay* (ex-Paul Revere) Color Dec. 01
Little Richard* Color/B&W Mar. 04
Live (2 shows) Color June 98, Oct. 00
LL Cool J 2 rolls- Color July 02
Bill Lloyd* Color/B&W June 02, Jan. 04
Marty Lloyd (ex-Freddy Jones Band) Color June 03
Lo-Fidelity All-Stars* Color/B&W Dec. 99
Local H (2 shows) Color Sept. 98, April 02
Lock & Key* Color/B&W Mar. 04
Lonesone Bob Color/B&W May 02
Lonesome Organist* B&W/Color Feb. 00
Long Stem Daisies Color Oct. 98
Longwave* (11 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 00 - May. 03
Looper Color April 00
Mary Lou Lord* Color Mar. 03
Mary Lorson and Saint Low Color March 02
Los Lobos 3 rolls- Color July 02
Los Lonely Boys* Color Mar., June 04
Lou Ford* Color/B&W Numerous shows
Loud Family B&W/Color April 00
Love As Laughter Color April 01
Patty Loveless* (4 shows) Color Jan., June, July 02
Lovin’ Spoonful Color Dec. 01
Low 3 rolls- Color/B&W Feb. 01
Nick Lowe Color July 02
Lud Color/B&W Dec. 99
Ludacris Color April 03
Luna Color Dec. 99
Lush Rollers Color March 02
Bill Lloyd* Color May 02, Jan., June 04
Marty Lloyd* Color June 03
Los Amigos Invisibles Color May 04
Love with Arthur Lee 3 rolls- Color Oct. 03
Shannon Lyon Color Sept.00
Lyle Lovett* (includes pix w/ Nanci Griffith, others) Color/B&W Aug.98, Mar.02, Dec. 06
Shelby Lynne Color June 04
Lynyrd Skynyrd* Color May 03
Lyres Color Aug. 04
Macha (2 shows) Color Dec. 99, June 00
Don MacLean Color June 98
Dougie MacLean Color April 04
Mad Dog Trio Color April 02
Madball Color June 98
Magnet (w/ Moe Tucker on drums) Sept. 97
Magnetic Fields* 3 rolls- Color/B&W April 00
Taj Mahal* Color/B&W Aug. 02, July 03
Make-Up B&W/Color March 00
Steven Malkmus (ex-Pavement) (2 shows) Color/B&W March, Nov. 01
Man...Or Astroman?* (6 shows) Color/B&W Oct. 98, - Aug.00
Mandible Color Aug. 00
Aimee Mann 3 rolls- Color Feb. 03
Marilyn Manson 2 rolls- Color Aug. 03
Marah* Color/B&W Nov. 03, April 04
Marble Valley 2 rolls- Color Nov. 01
Marcy Playground Color Oct. 98
Bob Margolin Color/B&W June 02, April 04
Lou Marrini (Blues Brothers) Color June 01
Marshall Tucker Band Color May 03
Charlotte Martin Color Mar. 04
Marvelous 3 Color April 99
J. Mascis & The Fog (w/Mike Watt*) 3 rolls- Color April 01, Mar .04
Maserati Color March 02
Masters Of The Hemisphere (2 shows) B&W/Color May 00, Oct. 01
Matchbox Twenty Color April 01
Jimbo Mathus Knockdown Society Color Mar. 03 (ex-SNZ)
Kathy Mattea Color Sept. 04
Mavericks Color Mar. 04
Tom Maxwell (ex-SNZ) 4 rolls-B&W/Color July 00
John Mayer (2 shows) Color April 01, Sept. 03
John Mayall & Bluesbreakers Color/B&W April 02
Mayflies USA* (11 shows) Color/B&W July 99 - May 02
MC5/DKT* 3 rolls- Color June 04
Del McCoury Band* (7 shows) Color/B&W May 2000 -Sept. 06
Arnold McCullers Color June 01
Edwin McCain* Color April 03, April, June 04
Paul McCartney Color/B&W Oct. 02
McFadden Brothers Color Sept. 98
McGarrigle Sisters (w/Emmylou Harris) 2 shows- Color July 02
Loonis McGholon* Color April 98, June 00
Erin McKeown* Color Dec. 03, Mar. 04
Sarah McLachlan* Color July 99
Ian McLagan* (Small Faces, Faces, etc.) Color March 03, 04
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes 2 rolls- Color July 01
(members of NOFX, Vandals, Lagwagon, others)
The Measles Color March 98
Meat Joy Color Sept. 02
Mecca Normal Color Sept. 01
Medeski, Martin* & Wood Color/B&W Nov. 01, April 02, May 03
Mediaeval Baebes* Color July 99
Mekons* 3 rolls- Color/B&W March 00
(see also Waco Bros., Sally Timms, Jon Langford)
Melanie 2 rolls- Color Oct. 02
Melt Banana Color Aug. 99
Melvins Color Aug. 99
Mendoza Line Color Mar. 03
Billy Mercer* Color/B&W Feb. 03, Oct. 04
Mercury Dime* Color/B&W Numerous times
Tift Merritt* & Carbines* Color/B&W Numerous shows
(includes photos of Tift with $2 Pistols, Hobex, Gary Louris and more)
Metallica Color/B&W April 04
(funky) Meters* Color/B&W Nov. 99
Method 51* Color May 98
Methods Of Mayhem (Tommy Lee) 2 rolls- Color July 01
Delbert McClinton (5 shows) Color April 98 - June 2006
Pat McGee Band Color April 03
Loonis McGholon* Color Aug. 99, 00
Roger McGuinn* Color/B&W May 04
Mighty Mighty Bosstones* Color Aug. 02
Mile Marker Color Dec. 99
Buddy Miles Express B&W/Color May 99
Buddy* & Julie Miller B&W/Color Oct.99, Jan.02, Jan., Mar.03
Scott Miller* (ex-V-Roys) (7 shows) B&W/Color June 01 - Feb. 04
Mike Mills* (REM) Color Nov. 03
Minus 5* (w/Scott McCaughey & Peter Buck) Color Mar. 03
Missing Persons (feat. Dale Bozzio) Color Sept. 00
Mission Of Burma Color Mar. 04
Modest Mouse 2 rolls- Color May 00
moe. Color Nov. 01, April, May 03
Mogwai Color/B&W June 01
Moldy Peaches Color March 02
Momento Color Aug. 03
Jamie Monross Color May 02
Monster Magnet Color April 01
Montana Skies Color Sept. 03
Kevin Montgomery* Color/B&W April, Oct. 03, April 06
Scotty Moore* Color Aug. 02
Allison Moorer* Color Aug. 02
Tom Morello* (RATM/Audioslave) Color/B&W Nov. 03, March 07
Lorrie Morgan Color June 98
Teddy Morgan & the Pistoleros B&W/Color Feb. 00
Morgan Heritage Color July 01
Morphine Color April 98
(See also Orchestra Morphine)
Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag) Color June 03
R. B. Morris (2 shows) Color/B&W April 98, June 00
David Morse (Dixie Dregs, etc.) Color July 03
Mount Pilot Color/B&W Sept. 99
Mr. Bungle Color Aug. 99
Jason Mraz 2 rolls- color April 03
Mudvayne 3 rolls- Color July 01
Shawn Mullins* (Thorns) 2 rolls- Color July 99, July 03, Feb. 04
(includes photos with Matthew Kahler)
Mum* Color/B&W July 04
Murder By Death* Color July 03
Murder City Devils Color July 98
Michael Martin Murphey* Color/B&W April 04
Mudhoney (Mark Arm*) Color/B&W June 04
Musiq* Color Dec. 03
Charlie Musselwhite Color May 01
(w/John Hammond, Blind Boys of Alabama)
MxPx Color Aug.02, Aug. 05
My Morning Jacket* (6 shows) Color Mar., July 02, April 03, Jan. 04
Mya* (2 shows) Color Aug. 98, July 99
Nappy Roots* (3 shows) Color March, April 02
Nashville Bluegrass Band (4 shows) Color Jan., June, July 02
Nashville Pussy 2 rolls- color April 98
Dave Navarro (see also Jane’s Addiction) Color Sept. 01
Me’shell Ndegeocello* Color July 99
N.E.R.D. (Neptunes) 2 rolls- Color Aug. 03
Nebula Color Nov. 01
Need For Breathing Color Aug. 04
Needles B&W/Color July 03
Beaver Nelson* (7 shows) B&W/Color Feb., Oct. 01- Sept 03
Dave Nelson & Tracy Grammer Color April 02
Willie Nelson* Color/B&W Oct. 96, Mar. 03
Neptune Color Feb. 02
Bob Neuwirth* Color/B&W Jan., June, July 02, Mar. 04
New Found Glory Color Aug. 02
New Pornographers* Color Aug. 03
New Wet Kojak (GVSB side project) Color/B&W March00
New York Dolls (Johannsen & Sylvain) Color Aug.04, March 2005
Scrappy Jud Newcomb* Color/B&W March 03 - March 07
Carrie Newcomer Color Nov. 02
Nickel Creek* Color/B&W March, Oct. 02
Nickel Slots* (4 shows) B&W/Color Oct., Nov. 98, April, Sept., 99
Nickelback (2 rolls) Color Sept. 01, Sept. 02
Stevie Nicks Color June 98
Nine Minute Snooze Color Dec. 99
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Color Sept. 04
Nixons Color Sept. 98
No Evil B&W June 03
No Knife Color July 98
No Use For A Name Color Aug. 02
No. 2 Color March 99
Nobukazu Takemura Color/B&W May 01
NOFX Color Aug.02
Noreiga (Nore)* Color July 02
North Mississippi All-Stars* (3 shows) Color/B&W Feb. 00, Dec. 01
Northern State Color July 04
Not Breathing Color March 98
Now It’s Overhead* (Azure Ray) Color/B&W Jan. 02, Oct. 04
Ted Nugent* Color Aug. 99, May 03
Gary Numan 3 rolls- Color May 98
O.A.R. Color Aug. 03
Tim O’Brien Color Mar. 04
Maura O’Connell Color/B&W Nov. 03
Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos) Color/B&W Jan. 02, Oct 05
Of Montreal* Color/B&W May 04
Old97s 4 rolls- Color June 01
Old and In The Way Color July 01
Old Pike Color Jan. 00
Andrew Loog Oldham* Color Mar. 04, March 07
Will Oldham* Color/B&W Dec. 00, July 04
Oleander Color April 01
Mark Olson* (ex-Jayhawks) (3 shows) Color/B&W Mar.98 - March 05
(includes photos of Olson w/ Victoria Williams)
One Fell Swoop B&W Oct. 96
One Line Drawing* Color July 03
Oranges Band Color Oct. 03
Orchestra Morphine 3 rolls- Color June 00
(former members of Morphine)
Original Sinners (feat. Exene Cervenka) Color July 02
Orphan Train* Color July 04
Beth Orton 3 rolls-Color/B&W June 99
Our Lady Peace Color Oct. 99
Ours Color Aug. 01
Out Of The Woodwork Color/B&W June 00
(features Chris Hillman* & Tony Rice)
Outkast Color/B&W April 02
Oxes Color Dec. 01
Ozma* Color Aug. 02
Ozomati Color Mar. 04
Paladins B&W/Color Aug. 99
Pansy Division B&W Nov. 97
Pantera 2 rolls- Color July 00
Panzer Color Dec. 99
Party Of Helicopters Color Aug. 03
Patty Hurst Shifter (3 shows) B&W/Color April, May 00, Aug. 02
Ellis Paul* Color/B&W Jan. 02, Feb. 03
Les Paul* Color/B&W July 03
Pavement 3 rolls- Color Sept. 99
Peasall Sisters Color Jan. 02
Paybacks* Color Mar., Aug. 04
Pedro The Lion Color Sept. 01
Pee Wee Fist Color March 02
Pennywise 2 rolls- Color July 01
Al Perkins* (Flying Burritos, etc.) B&W/Color April 03
Pinetop Perkins* Color/B&W April 04
Pernice Brothers Color Nov. 01
Liz Phair Color Mar. 03
Sam Phillips* (producer) Color Aug. 02
Pierce Pettis (2 shows) Color Aug. 98, Feb. 02
Bill Pickney* (w/Charlie Thomas, Maurice Williams) Color Dec. 03
Pigface (w/Genesis P-Orridge) 2 rolls- Color/B&W March 98
The Pills* Color Sept. 98
Piners B&W Nov. 99
Pinetops* (5 shows) Color/B&W Dec. 98, Feb, June, July, Aug.99
(inc. photos with Chris Phillips of Squirrel Nut Zippers)
Pitchshifter Color July 00
Papa Roach Color Sept. 00
Graham Parker* (w/ The Figgs) 5 rolls- Color Oct. 01
Lee Roy Parnell Color March 02
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 4 rolls-Color/B&W July 02
Kelly Joe Phelps Color/B&W April 03
Planes Mistaken For Stars B&W May 00
Mike Plume Band* Color Sept. 99
Poison 3 rolls- Color June 01
Rose Polenzani* B&W/Color Nov. 01
Polyphonic Spree* 3 shows- color March, June 03, Mar. 04
Jean-Luc Ponty Color Nov. 01
Iggy Pop (w/ the Stooges) Color Oct. 01, Aug. 04
Pornocopter Color June 02
Port Huron Statement* (5 shows) Color/B&W Dec. 00,01, Jan., Oct. 02
Portastatic* (Mac of Superchunk) B&W/Color Oct.00, May 01, April 04
Posies* Color/B&W Mar. 04
Preacher’s Kids Color Mar. 04
Prefuse 73 B&W/Color May 01
Presidents of the USA Color May 03
Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. (sic)* Color June 02
Billy Preston* Color/B&W Feb. 02
Don Preston* (Ex-Mothers) Color/B&W Jan. 02
Preston School Of Industry Color May 01
(Scott Kannberg, ex-Pavement)
Pretenders (2 shows) Color July 98, 99
Pretty Things Color Aug. 04
Archer Prewitt* 2 rolls- Color July 02
Toni Price Color March 02
Primus (2 shows) Color Aug.97, June 99
(includes photos with Buckethead)
Project Object (w/Ike Willis & Napoleon Murphy Brock) Color/B&W Jan.02, Sept. 05
Promise Ring Color March 02
Psychedelic Furs 3 rolls- Color March 01
Public Enemy 2 rolls- Color Aug. 98
Gary Puckett* & Union Gap Color Dec. 02
Quasi Color Oct. 99
Queens Of The Stone Age (w/Mark Lanegan) 2 shows Color July 00, Apr.03
Quix*O*Tic B&W April 98, June 00
Rachel Nevadas Color Feb. 03
Rachels* Color Sept. 03
Radiators Color Dec. 02
Radiohead Color Oct. 03
Rage Against The Machine B&W May 97
Raging Slab 2 rolls- Color/B&W March 01
Rainer Maria Color/B&W Sept. 01
Bo Ramsey (w/Lucinda Williams, Greg & Pieta Brown) Color/B&W Feb. 03
Rancid Color July 01
Boots Randolph* Color Aug. 02
Robert Randolph (3 shows) Color/B&W Dec. 01, March, July 02
Rascal Flatts* Color July 02
Ratdog (feat. Bob Weir) 2 rolls- Color July 02
Raveonettes* Color March 03, Aug. 04
Paul Ray* Color March 02, 03, 04
Melissa Reaves* (3 shows) Color May, Oct.98, July 99
Red Animal War* (2 shows) B&W/Color April 01, April 03
Red Aunts Color July 98
Red Meat Color April 99
Red Hot Chili Peppers Color June 03
Red House Painters Color/B&W June 01
Leon Redbone* (3 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 00, Mar.02, Feb.03
Preston Reed Color Sept. 02
Reel Big Fish* Color Aug. 02
Regina Hexaphone B&W/Color May 00, June 04
(Shark Quest/Sparklehorse side project)
Abe Reid* Color/B&W Dec. 03, Mar. 04, Dec. 06
Vernon Reid 2 rolls- Color Nov. 02
REM 2 rolls- Color Aug. 99
Remains* Color/B&W Aug. 02
Cliff Retallick* B&W/Color Sept. 99, April 00
Rex B&W Jan. 98
Rev. Horton Heat (3 shows) Color/B&W May, Nov. 98, Feb. 00
Robert Reynolds* (Mavericks) Color/B&W April 03
Marc Ribot 2 rolls- Color/B&W May 01
Boyd Rice* (NON) Color Nov. 97
Tony Rice (3 shows) Color/B&W June 00, Nov.01, Dec.02, Nov 06
Richard and the Young Lions Color Aug. 04
Kim Richey* Color/B&W June 01, June 02
Jonathan Richman* (4 shows) Color/B&W March 01, Feb. 02, Oct. 03
Amy Rigby Color/B&W Dec. 01
Will Rigby* B&W/Color Aug.02, Nov.03, Feb 07
Rilo Kiley* Color Oct.04
Jason Ringenberg* (Jason & The Scorchers) Color/B&W May01 - Mar 04
Rival Schools Color Aug. 01
Johnny Rivers* Color May 03
Robbie Robertson* 2 rolls- Color March 02
Bruce & Charlie Robison Color/B&W Oct. 99
(includes photos with each other, and Jack Ingram)
Kenny Roby (ex-Six String Drag) (3 shows) B&W Jan. 99, June, Aug. 00
Rockafella Horsecollar Color Nov. 01
Rocket From The Tombs 3 rolls-Color Dec. 03
Rockfour Color Mar. 04
Rodeo Boy Color July 01
Tommy Roe Color Dec. 01
Rollins Band* (3 shows) Color/B&W Aug. 99, April, June 03
Roman Candle* Color/B&W (numerous shows) Feb. 03 - Sept. 06
Rooney Color May 03
Roots 3 rolls- Color July 01, May 04
Jim Rose Circus Sideshow Color April 99
Rosenbergs (2 shows) Color April 01, Nov. 01
David Lee Roth 2 rolls- Color Aug. 02
Patti Rothberg* Color Aug. 04
Josh Rouse* Color March 02
Peter Rowan (w/Tony Rice) Color Nov. 01, May 03
Royal Crown Revue (2 shows) Color July, Nov. 98
Royal Trux* 2 rolls- Color Jan. 00
Eric Royer’s One-Man Band Color/B&W Jan 99, July 00, June 01
Darius Rucker* (Hootie) Color Sept. 02
Runaway Truck Ramp Color Oct. 99
Todd Rundgren Color/B&W Feb. 03, May 04
Rush Color May 04
Leon Russell Color June 99
Tom Russell Color Feb. 02
Rusted Root B&W Oct. 96
Ruthie & the Wranglers Color Jan. 99
Saffire:Uppity Blues Women Color June 02
Saliva* Color/B&W Jan. 03
Joe Sample Color April 03
Johnny Sansone B&W Dec. 97
Saving Graces B&W Jan. 03, Jan., April 04
Saw Doctors Color/B&W Sept. 02
Ricky Scaggs* (3 shows) Color/B&W June, July 02
Scorpions 2 rolls- Color June 02
Earl Scruggs* & Friends 3 rolls- Color Sept. 02
Peter Searcy* Color April 00
Sebadoh* (2 shows) B&W/Color March 97, Aug. 99, May 04
(includes photos w/ Robyn Hitchcock, Superchunk)
John Scofield 3 rolls- Color April 02
Sea Ray* (2 shows) Color May, Nov. 03
Sea & Cake Color Oct. 03
Seely B&W March 98
Mike Seeger Color/B&W May 03
Seether Color July 04
Selah Color April 99
Seldom Color Sept. 01
Seldom Scene* Color April 03
Servotron Color April 98
Settlefish* Color/B&W April 03
Brian Setzer Trio Color/B&W July 02
Seven Channels 2 rolls- Color Sept. 01
Seven Nations Color Dec. 03
Sevendust Color April 02
Ron Sexsmith* (2 shows) Color March 02, Jan.03, Mar.04
Martin Sexton 2 rolls- Color Oct. 01
Charlie Sexton (w/Will Sexton) Color Mar. 03
Will Sexton 2 shows- Color March 02
Shadows Fall Color Aug. 03
Shark Quest (6 shows) B&W/Color Jan. 99 - June 04
Billy Joe Shaver* (w/Eddy Shaver) Color Sept. 99, Mar., Sept. 03
Shazam* (4 shows) Color/B&W Oct. 02 - Sept 06
She-Bang (2 shows) B&W/Color Aug., Sept. 01
Duncan Sheik* 3 rolls- Color April 01
Sheila Divine Color Nov. 99
Shellac (Steve Albini) Color Oct. 02
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Color May 04
Shiners Color June 02
Shins (2 shows) Color/B&W June 01, July 02
Shipping News* Color/B&W Aug. 00
Jim Shumate (Flatt & Scruggs fiddler) Color Sept. 02
Si*Se Color March 02
Sick Of It All Color Nov. 97
Sights* (3 shows) Color/B&W Oct.02 - March 07
Silos* (8 shows) B&W/Color Mar. 99 - Aug 06
Nancy Sinatra* Color Aug. 04
David Singer* Color/B&W April 03
Sister 7 B&W July 98
Six-String Drag Color Sept. 97, Nov. 03
Sixpence None The Richer Color/B&W March 02
Skellingtons* B&W/Color Nov. 01, Aug. 03
Skinnerbox Color Feb. 98
Slackers Color Oct. 00
Slackmates Color June 98
Slayer Color June 99
Sleepy Jackson* Color Mar. 04
Slick Idiot (En Esch & Gunther of KMFDM) Color June 02
Sloan* (4 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 98, Feb., Nov. 99, May 02
Slobberbone (3 shows) Color/B&W Aug., Dec. 00, Dec. 01
(includes photos w/ Drive-By Truckers)
Slumber Party (2 shows) Color Aug. 01, Oct. 03
Smash Mouth Color May 99
Slowride* Color/B&W April 01
Arthur Smith* Color Dec. 01, Dec. 03
Elliott Smith 3 rolls-B&W/Color March 99
Mindy Smith Color April, Sept. 04
Patti Smith 3 rolls-Color/B&W Dec. 01
Chris Smither* Color/B&W Aug. 03
Smithereens (2 shows) Color Sept. 98, April 02
Smithwick Machine (2 shows) Color/B&W Aug. 99, Feb. 00
Smog* (Bill Callahan) Color Mar. 03
Smokin’ Grass Color June 01
Snake Oil Medicine Show Color Jan. 04
Snatches Of Pink Color/B&W April 99, Dec. 03
Todd Snider Color Nov. 98, July 03
Snowblow (Mum side project) Color July 04
Something Corporate Color Aug. 02
Son Volt (9 shows) B&W/color Oct. 96 - July 99, Mar 05 - Feb 06
Songs:Ohia Color Mar. 03
Sorry About Dresden* Color/B&W Aug. 02
Sounds Color/B&W Mar. 04
Soundtrack Of Our Lives* 6 rolls- Color Oct. 02, Mar, June 05
Soul MinerÕs Daughter Color March 99
Southern Bitch Color Dec. 99
So. Culture On The Skids*(8 shows)B&W/color Oct.96 - Dec. 05
Sparklehorse Color April 03
Spiritualized (2 shows) B&W/color Aug. 97 (both shows)
Spiro Gyra Color/B&W Oct. 03
Spite (3 shows) B&W/ Color Dec. 97, Jan., July 98
Spongetones* Color/B&W Sept 96 - June 06
Spoon Color March 02
Bruce Springsteen Color Aug. 04
Squatweiler Color Aug. 99
Squirrel Nut Zippers* (5 shows) Color, B&W Jan. 97 Feb. 07
Stabbing Westward Color July 98
Stanford Prison Experiment Color May 98
Chris Stamey* (w/Peter Holsapple) Color Mar. 02 - Feb. 07
Ralph Stanley* (w/Ralph Stanley II) (13 shows) B&W/Color Mar.99 - Nov 06
Star Room Boys* (7 shows) B&W Aug.98, Feb.00 - Aug.02
Star Spangles Color Dec. 03, Aug. 04
Starflyer 59* B&W, Color March 00, Sept. 03, Mar. 04
Starlight Mints 2 rolls- Color Sept. 01
Starlite Desperation Color/B&W March 00
Starpoint Electric (2 shows) Color/B&W Dec. 98, Dec. 99
Garrison Starr* B&W/Color Oct. 04, Jan. 06
Starsailor (2 shows) Color March 02
Static-X Color April 02
Steam Donkeys (3 shows) Color Jan., Feb. 99, June 02
Stella (3 shows) B&W/Color May 97, May 98, March99
Stelle Group* B&W/Color Feb. 00, Nov. 01
Stems Color Aug. 04
Steppenwolf (feat. John Kay) Color May 02
Stereolab (2 shows) Color/B&W June 00
Jody Stephens* (Big Star, Golden Smog) Color Aug. 02, Mar., Aug.04
Martin Stevenson* Color/B&W Sept. 00, Mar. 02, July 03, Sept. 04
Al Stewart* Color/B&W Sept. 03, Sept. 04, Apr 06
Chris Stills B&W March 98
Sting 2 rolls- Color Sept. 04
Stinking Lisaveta (2 shows) Color/B&W April 97, Nov. 01
Stir Color Sept. 00
Joss Stone Color Mar. 04
Stone Temple Pilots 2 rolls- Color April 02
Stoneman family* Color Sept. 03
Storm & Stress Color/B&W April 00
Story Of The Year Color Jan. 04, Aug. 04
Storyville Color Sept. 98
Strawbs* Color Oct. 04
Strength Through Joy (Death In June) Color Nov. 97
Strife Color Nov. 97
Ken Stringfellow* Color/B&W Mar., July, Aug. 04
Strokes Color/B&W Nov. 01, Mar., Aug 04
Marty Stuart* Color/B&W May 04
Styx 2 rolls- Color April 02
Subteens Color/B&W Dec. 02
Sugar Ray Color Sept. 99
Sugarsmack Color May 98
Suicide Machines* Color/B&W March 00
Sum 41 2 rolls- Color July 01
Hubert Sumlin Color/B&W July 03
Sun 2 rolls- color April 03
Sunny Day Real Estate Color/B&W Sept. 00
Super Furry Animals Color Oct. 03
Superchunk* (4 shows) Color/B&W April98 - Nov.03
Superdrag* (6 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 98 - Nov. 02
Supergrass (2 shows) Color March, Oct. 03
Supersonic Color July 97
Sur La Mer Color May 01
Damo Suzuki* (CAN) Color/B&W Feb. 03
Swearing At Motorists* Color March 02, April 03
Matthew Sweet (Thorns) (3 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 97, Mar. 01, July 03
Swell Color Feb. 04
Switchblade Symphony Color May 98
Sewing With Nancie Color Aug. 02
Syrup Color Feb. 99
Taking Back Sunday Color May 04
James Talley Color May 02
Tallboy B&W Aug. 99
Tantric Color May 01
Taproot 2 rolls- Color July 01
Tarbox Ramblers B&W Jan. 01
Chip Taylor* & Carrie Rodriguez* Color/B&W Mar., Nov. 03
Dulcie Taylor* B&W Aug. 03
Fingers Taylor (Jimmy Buffett harp player) B&W Dec. 97
James Taylor* B&W June 01
Livingston Taylor* Color/B&W May 03
Jesse “Guitar” Taylor & John X Reed Color March 02
Susan Tedeschi Color/B&W Oct. 03
10,000 Maniacs Color Sept. 98
Thanatos B&W May 96
That 1 Guy Color Nov. 02
Third Eye Blind* Color Aug. 00, April, May 03
Charlie Thomas* (Drifters, w/Bill Pinckney) Color Dec. 03
Richard Thompson* (2 shows) Color/B&W March 00, Mar. 04
Thorns (Sweet, Mullins, Droge) Color July 03
Billy Bob Thornton B&W Mar. 03
George Thorogood Color April 99
Those Bastard Souls* (3 shows) B&W/Color Oct. 99, Feb. 00
(includes photos with Dave Shouse, and Danielle Howle)
311 (2 shows) Color April 00, July 01
Three Days Grace Color July 04
Three Finger Cowboy Color Sept. 98
Thrills Color Mar. 04
Thrones Color Sept. 01
Thursday (2 shows) Color/B&W Aug. 01, Aug. 02
Tia Carrera (band w/ Richard Buckner) Color Mar. 04
Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze) 3 rolls- Color/B&W Nov. 02, Mar. 04
Sally Timms* (Mekons) (2 shows) B&W Oct. 99, Jan.01, Mar. 04
Tommie Griggz Color May 98
Jenny Toomey* Color Mar., Nov. 03
Toots and the Maytals Color Mar. 04
Peter Tork* (Monkees) Color/B&W Aug. 02
Tortoise 3 rolls- Color May 01
Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players Color Mar. 03, Jan 05
Walter Traggart* Color
Trailer Bride (6 shows) Color/B&W March, - Aug.00
Train* Color April 00, Dec. 01
Trans Am (3 shows) Color/B&W March 98, Nov. 99, Dec.01
Trapt 2 rolls- Color Jan. 03
Treasure State Color July 02
Tremblers* (Greg Hawks) (3 shows) Color/B&W April, June 99, Feb. 01
Tres Chicas* (2 shows) Color/B&W May 00, Sept. 04
(Whiskeytown/Hazeldine/Glory Fountain project)
Greg Trooper* (2 shows) B&W/Color April, June 01
Jeff Trott Color/B&W March 02
Truckadelic Color Aug. 00
Derek Trucks Color/B&W Aug. 98
Tsunami Color Aug. 97
Tuck & Patti Color Sept. 02
Moe Tucker* (6 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 97, May 98, May 01, Feb. 02
Tuscadero Color/B&W Sept. 98
TV On The Radio Color Dec. 03
Twilight Circus (Legendary Pink Dots) Color Sept. 98
Twinemen* (see Morphine) Color Oct. 03
Twista Color May 04
Twisted Method* Color Aug. 03
Two Dollar Pistols* B&W/color Numerous shows
2 Skinnie Js (4 shows) Color May99, April, Sept.00, April 02
Dan Tyminski (5 shows) Color July 01, Jan., June, July 02, Apr. 05
U2 (2 shows) Color/B&W May 97, March 01
Pankaj Udhas* 2 rolls- Color April 01
Ultra Baby Fat Color May 98
Ultra Bait Color June 02
Ultra Bide Color May 98
Ultraviolets Color June 99
Union Underground Color July 01
Unknown Hinson* Color/B&W Dec. 02
Unwound 4 rolls- Color/B&W Sept. 01
Van Delecki’s* (3 shows) B&W/color May 96, 97
Steven Van Zandt* Color Sept. 03
Vandals 2 rolls- Color July 01
Ken Vandermark/V5 (2 shows) Color/B&W May, Sept. 01
(includes photos w/ Mac McCaughan of Superchunk)
Jimmie Vaughn* Color/B&W Feb. 02
Ventures (Nokie Edwards) Color/B&W July 03
Verbena Color June 03
Verna Cannon* (9 shows) B&W/Color April 00 - Aug. 02
Venue Color/B&W Mar. 03
Vertical Horizon (2 shows) Color Aug. 00, Aug. 01
Steve Vai (w/Yardbirds) Color March 03
Vetiver Color June 04
Vibraswirl Color May 98
Vigilantes Of Love (4 shows) B&W/Color Sept. 00 - Feb. 03
Village People Color/B&W April 98
Rhonda Vincent Color May 03
Violent Femmes Color/B&W April 98
Virgil Shaw Color April 01
Voivod (w/ Jason Newsted) Color Aug. 03
Von Bondies Color Sept. 01, May 03, Mar. 04
Waco Brothers (2 shows) Color/B&W Jan. 01, March 02
Loudon Wainwright III* Color/B&W Sept. 03
Sloan Wainwright* Color Sept. 02, Sept. 03
Butch Walker (ex-Marvelous 3) Color May 02
Jerry Jeff Walker Color/B&W June 02, Mar. 03, Feb. 04
Wallflowers Color April 03
Ware River Club* (4 shows) B&W/Color May, Sept. 01, Sept. 02, Mar. 03
Warlocks Color/B&W Sept. 01
Warrant Color June 01
Don Was* Color Mar. 04
Dale Watson Color Sept. 03
Doc Watson* (7 shows) B&W/Color June 98 - Dec. 03
Mike Watt* (w/Nels Cline) Color Oct. 98, April 01, April 02
(includes photos of Watt w/ J. Mascis & The Fog)
Waxwings B&W Sept. 00
Waybacks Color May 03
Dallas Wayne Color/B&W Oct. 01
Webb Brothers Color Mar. 04
Randy Weeks Color Oct. 01
Ween (2 shows) Color/B&W Aug., Dec. 97
Weezer 2 rolls- Color March 01
Rusty Weir Color March 03
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings* (5 shows) Color/B&W Sept.01 - Feb. 07
Vince Welnick Color Jan. 04
Carla Werner Color July 03
Whirlwind Heat Color June 03
Whiskeytown (3 shows) B&W/color April, Oct. 98, Dec. 99
White Octave* (4 shows) Color/B&W Oct. 99, Aug.00, March, June 01
White Stripes Color/B&W Sept. 01, Mar. 03
Whites (3 shows) Color Jan., July 02
Chris Whitley* (5 shows) B&W/Color May 99, Jan. 03, Jan 04, Jan 05
Who Hit John B&W June 99
Wide Receivers B&W May 99
Widespread Panic (3 shows) Color April 99, April 00, April 03
Wilco* (5 shows) Color/B&W Aug.98, July, Oct.02, May 03, Sept 05
Andre Williams 2 rolls- Color/B&W Jan. 99
Dar Williams (2 shows) Color May 02, June 03
Elmo Williams* 2 rolls- B&W July 99
(includes photos with Hezekiah Early and Robert Cage)
Hank Williams Jr.* Color Nov. 03
Hank Williams III* Color/B&W Feb. 00, Feb. 04
Lucinda Williams* (5 shows) Color Aug. 98, May 01, Mar. 03, Aug. 04
(includes photos w/Jim Lauderdale, Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver)
Maurice Williams* Color Dec. 01, Dec. 03
Roger Williams* 2 rolls- color Aug. 01
Victoria Williams* (w/ Mark Olson) (3 shows) Color/B&W Mar. 98-Sept. 02
Kelly Willis B&W/Color June 99
Steve Winwood Color April 03
Denison Witmer Color Dec. 02
Brian Wilson 4 rolls- Color Aug. 00
Tony Wilson* (Factory Records head) Color Mar. 03
Wine Field Color June 00
Winter Blanket Color/B&W May 02
Woggles (3 shows) Color/B&W Sept. 97, May 98, Aug. 04
Bobby Womack 2 rolls- Color June 02
Tommy Womack* Color/B&W Aug. 02
Work Clothes Color/B&W Nov. 02, July 03
Link Wray* (2 shows) B&W/color Feb., May 98
Wrens Color Mar.04
Shannon Wright (2 shows) Color Dec. 99, April 00
Steve Wynn (w/Continental Drifters) Color July 97
X-Ecutioners Color July 04
X-Periment* Color/B&W Numerous shows
Yammagata B&W May 00
Yardbirds 2 shows Color Mar. 03
Yaz Color Aug. 99
Walter Yetnikoff Color Mar. 04
Yo La Tengo* (2 shows) Color/B&W Aug. 97, March 00, Oct. 04
Yohimbe Brothers 2 rolls- Color Nov. 02
Pete Yorn* (2 shows) Color Aug., Dec. 01
Neil Young* (3 shows) Color/B&W Oct. 96, Aug. 97, Aug. 00
(includes photos with Crazy Horse, David Crosby, Ben Keith, Duck Dunn, etc.)
Young And Sexy Color Aug. 03
Young Antiques Color May 01
Mike Younger B&W Dec. 99
Your Friend’s Enemies Color/B&W Nov. 02
Zombies* (feat. Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent) Color/B&W
(3 shows) Feb. 04, Oct. 04, Oct. 06

...and numerous local bands that are too many to list here
Non-Musician photos:

Douglas Adams
Mario Andrietti
Ray Bradbury
Francis Ford Coppola
James Cromwell
Joe Esposito (Elvis confidante)
Gwynneth Paltrow
Tony Hawk skateboarding caravan
Anide MacDowell
Greg Kinnear
Dennis Quaid
Harvey Gantt
Kyle Petty
Richard Petty (and numerous other NASCAR drivers)
Micahel Jordan
Tyrone Hill (and other NBA Players)
Dick Gregory
Steadman Graham
Charlton Heston
Dan Truhitte (Sound Of Music)
Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina The Teenage Witch/Clarissa)
Andy Griffith
Billy Collins (poet laurate, USA)
Roddy Piper (wrestler)
Mickey Collins (Wizard Of Oz Munchkin)
Dan Janssen (Olympic skater)
Ned Jarrett
Junior Johnson
Steve Saleen (race designer)
Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk)
Richard Simmons
Neil Gaiman
Joyce Carroll Oates
Ken Burns (filmmaker)
Tim Robbins
Sidney Portier
Carolina Panthers players & coaches
Dean Smith (former UNC coach)
cast of Andy Griffith show
Henry Horenstein (photographer)
George Clooney

All Photos copyright Daniel Coston