Monday, January 18, 2016

Charlotte Museum Of History Show Intro

When I began taking photographs twenty years ago, I felt like a latecomer to the craft. I had spent the previous several years bouncing from one creative endeavor to the next. Creative writing, writing about sports, cartooning, videography, and producing and directing my own TV show for local TV. Photography was something that I just hadn’t gotten around to. However, I soon realized that photography was choosing me, just as much as I was choosing to take more photos. Within a year, I had begun to combine two of my recently found interests- photography, and the music scene around North Carolina- and haven’t really stopped since then. And what an adventure it has been.

Over the past twenty years, my camera has led me to places that continue to surprise me. Photographing the legends of music and arts, and artists as they rose to prominence. Travels across the United States, and to other countries. Having the opportunity to be the Scene & Heard photographer for the Charlotte Observer over the last fifteen years, and watch as Charlotte, NC became the city that everyone wanted to spend time on. Be they political conventions, writers, or just folks looking for a fun night on the town. My goals, however, have never really changed. To document the world that I saw around me, and to always stay open to new opportunities. To have fun exploring all of these things, and to do the best job that I could. 

For twenty years, I have let my photography say all of the things I couldn’t say. The photos in this show are all parts of that ongoing conversation. Images, stories, they’re all pieces of the puzzle. Of myself, the people I met and photographed along the way, and what happened on the way to here.

Enjoy the journey.
-Daniel Coston
September, 2015

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