Friday, January 1, 2016

Four Short Poems, 2010

Four short poems, March 18, 2010

1. Running down
a jealous moment
Locked in the
arms of shifting
torn between
how I feel
and what I want.

2. The lights fizzle
in the haze of the evening,
peering out
over the distance
between there and here.
Motion hints at other
letting us know
where something else resides,
and where I stand.

3. Once
I passed a friend's house
in the night, each of us
knowing nothing
of the other.
If I had never met them,
what would I have
thought of their place,
their possessions,
coupled with my assumptions,
Would I have moved on,
taking it as another
distant light in the darkness?

4. I hear
your voice again,
and I am there,
the thoughts of that time
thrown back in my head.
I am reminiscent,
unsure of the footing,
and how to proceed
from here.

-Daniel Coston

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