Thursday, March 8, 2012

And now, a moment to promote TWO new shows of photos

Hello Everyone-

I'm proud to announce that I have two new shows of photos in the coming months. Here in Charlotte, NC, I'll be doing a small show at Gallery 22, entitled "Wish You Were There." This will be some of the best-known photos in my collection, and a chance to see a couple of pics I have not exhibited in a long time. This show will run throughout the month of April. More info about the opening night party soon.

And in May and June, I'll have a large retrospective of my work on display at the Madison County Arts Center, in Marshall, NC. Marshall is a great arts community, and this is a two-story space that will feature my work. There'll be lots of my photos that have never been published, or exhibited before. The opening night party for this event will be in the evening of May 11th.

More info on these shows, and other events coming soon. Safe travels to you all,
March 8, 2012

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