Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hello All-

GBV's management wrote to apologize this morning, which I do appreciate. It doesn't wipe the slate clean by any means, but it was appreciated.

Finishing the book on NC Musicians has made me look differently about my photography career. I see where I have been, and what I was able (and not able) to accomplish. Last night's bad experience was one of those things that one occasionally takes as a sign, or something that tells you to change everything. Sometimes these things are a true sign, and other times they are just a bad experience, outside of any other larger meaning.

Last night, I wanted to take it as a larger sign. This morning, I was fully prepared to tell you that I was going to give up photographing music for a while. ("Like you really could," some might tell me. And they may be right.) Thankfully, I had a couple of great experiences today, photographing legendary bluesman Bobby Rush, and photographing a new Chris Stamey album. All in the span of two hours, and reminded me how much fun these things can still be. So, the pronouncement is on hold, and we'll see where the wind takes us again. Which is all we can ever do, in fair weather or foul.
September 18, 2012

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