Thursday, October 25, 2012


This is how
you will see
A foggy haze
upon the weathered ground,
a misty fog
is colored in the darkness
of the setting sun,
my figure
facing you, 
or turned away, 
shifting with
point of view.
I may look
towards you,
and then look
what is ahead of us.
You may hear
the wind,
or a song
that you love,
or we loved.
As the moments pass,
I will fade from view,
or simply walk away.

Do not run
from this moment, 
but embrace it
with heavy, uncertain 
struggling with what
has changed, 
and in time,
the fears may subside
and my words
may come back
in level terms. 
The oncoming future
cannot change
the past,
only our perceptions 
of it. 
There is 
no need to
or say goodbye.
The present and future
cannot change
the past,
only our perceptions 
of it.
Let go 
of the pain, 
but hold on
to what we meant 
to each other.  
Hold on to
who we were,
what we were,
and who I was, 
for I
will do the same,
for wherever 
I am 
about to go.  

-Daniel Coston
October 25, 2012
Dedicated to all my friends on that journey.

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