Saturday, July 27, 2013

My photos of Myers Park Trinity winning the NC Little League state title

I showed up at the game in the final inning, not having known that the game had started an hour early, due to incoming bad weather. I hadn't planned on taking photos, but there was no other media around, so I grabbed my camera. I attended my first state Little League tournament in 1985, and it was great to finally see a local team take the title.

I'm really proud of the first shot in this set. You can see all of the kids in this shot, running with the state banner they'd just been handed. One of the best sports photos I've ever taken, period. Not bad for something that was a stopover, on my way to another gig.

Congrats to Myers Park Trinity. Show 'em how it's done,
July 27, 2013
Member of 1982 league winner Manhill Vending, Seneca Falls Little League, 9-10 division, 1982

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