Friday, November 29, 2013

A Rough Draft Of My Life, So Far

Hello All-

Tomorrow is my birthday. I had planned this grand run-up to my birthday by writing about the different  parts of my time, most of which even my closer friends don't know about. November then turned into an avalanche of photos, press for the NC Musicians book, and generally just running me ragged.

So, here is a rough sketch of different times of my life. More writings about these adventures will hopefully come sooner than later.

1. The Only Living Boy In New York (1972-1983) Canoga, NY was a great place to play, and dream of larger glories.

2. A child adrift (1984-1988) A northerner lost in Mint Hill, NC.

3. Drama Days (1988-1991) The theater calls at Independence High School, and new ideas get planted.
4. Bezerk, and the gang (1989-1992) Yes, I had my own sketch comedy on local TV from 1990 to 1992. It was the greatest TV show you've never seen. Trust me.

5. Slow adulthood, and part time job blues (1992-1994)

6. Tangents (1995-1998) A new media adventure begins, and one that still goes on to today.
7. Sportswriter (1995-2000) The whole time (and more) that I worked on Tangents, I wrote at least one sports column a week for the Matthews (NC) Record. It was gas money, and I got to cover some cool things, and meet some good people.

8. I Am A Camera (1998-2003) I take to the road for photographs, only returning for video work in Charlotte with local TV stations. It was an amazing, exhausting blur of an era.

9. The Writer Strikes Back (2001-present) I pick up writing again. And enjoy it.

10. Swimming upstream (2004-2010) When in doubt, keep shooting. And I did.

11. On The Way To Here (2010-present) "On The Way To Here" is currently my favorite phrase in trying to sum up my story, so far. The last couple of years has brought many of my experiences full circle. For years, I felt like I had failed in my larger goals. Now, I recognize that I have accomplished some good, while still excited about what may be to come.

12. Friends Along The Way. The joke for years has been that all of my friends become more famous than I do. I've known some great people, and had some amazing experiences. 

More on all of this soon. Happy birthday to me.
November 29, 2013

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