Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Passing Thought

The passing of our friend Chris Peigler has reminded us again how quickly we can lose someone that is dear to us. Loss is never easy, but is made harder when it comes so suddenly. In a moment, our plans and perception with someone are seemingly dashed. What we thought was one reality is quickly ended, leaving us heartbroken, and empty.

But what if reality is not a straight line, but instead a series of circles repeating upon themselves, slowly advancing towards another circle? This is the possibility of our life experiences, and our memories. While an event today can change our relationship with someone, it does not affect the experiences we have already had with that person. Those stay firmly with us, in our minds and our hearts. We can still smile, and know that the good times that we had with that person will stay with us. Grow with us, and hopefully continue to make us a better person. Which is all we can ask for, in the long run. Yes, we may always miss that person, but in continuing to hold on to our own experiences, that person has never completely left us. 

Life is a complicated journey. It is often unpredictable, and overwhelming. But the possibilities of the future, mixed with our experiences of our past, have so much to offer. Our friends and loved ones may pass to another place, but their impact will stay with us. We will hold on to the good times, and occasional lessons. We will smile at the mention of their name, and the memory of our times together. And in so doing, we may just strengthen our own lives, and create something stronger out of the time that we all spend together. Now, and in our time to come.

To our friends, our loved ones, and ourselves. And to life, in all of its lines and circles. 
January 8, 2014

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