Monday, February 24, 2014

RIP Chip Damiani of the Remains

I met Chip in 2002, when I got the chance to work with the Remains on new promo photos. The Remains were one of the best bands of the 1960s, and had even opened for the Beatles on their final tour before suddenly breaking up in late 1966. All those years later, the original lineup was back together. As we started taking photos, one of them said, "We haven't done a photo shoot since the Beatles tour!" I have to admit that I got a little intimidated by that statement, something I soon learned never to let happen on that shoot. All in all, we got some good photos that day, and Chip and the band were very nice to me.

Two days later, I watched the band play a wedding reception. It was the first time that they had played in a year, and they played after one practice on borrowed instruments. And they were amazing. I knew their records well, but those recordings did not do justice to the band's live sound. Raw, energetic, like a sugar rush with a purpose. I was enthralled, and I took a lot of photos.

I had really hoped in the intervening years that I would see, and shoot the Remains again. To improve on what we did, and what I'd learned since then. I missed them by one day in New York City last year, and had been thinking about seeing them in the Northeast US in a couple of months. But the sudden passing of Chip means I, like other fans, have missed out on that opportunity to see that lineup just one more time.

Safe travels, Chip. Thanks from the photographer,
February 24, 2014

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