Saturday, April 19, 2014

Standells In North Carolina on April 27th and 28th

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This post is also on the NC 1960s book site, but is something I wanted to let you know about, as well.

One of the most influential Garage Rock bands was the Standells. Their biggest hit, "Dirty Water" has now been embraced my multiple generations as their own, and their catalog is a staple of Nuggets and 1960s music fans worldwide.

The Standells have recently reformed, released a new album (entitled "Bump") and are making a rare stop in North Carolina next week. The band, which features founding members Russ Tamblyn and John Fleckenstein, will kick off their tour at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte on Sunday, April 27th. The band will then headline at Local 506 in Chapel Hill the following night, April 28th. Opening for the Standells will be Thee Dirtybeats, featuring Tobacco A Go Go's legendary swami of Carolina coolness, Ken Friedman. Thee Dirtybeats will also close out our release party for our book's 2nd edition at Neighborhod Theatre in Charlotte on June 21st. (You hadn't heard that yet? Well, you just heard it here first.)

So, let's review. Standells. North Carolina. April 27th at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, and Local 506 in Chapel Hill on April 28th. Come one, come all, and I'll see you at both, if not both shows.
April 19, 2014

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