Tuesday, July 1, 2014

RIP Steve Ruppenthal

Hello All-

I didn't know Steve Ruppenthal that well for a long time, but I knew his music. The bands that he was a part of, and the music that they made. Popes, Lovely Lads, Stumble, Public Good. When the Popes reunited in 2012, I interviewed and photographed Steve and the band for the NC Musicians book, as well as a stand-alone interview that you can find on this site. Steve was a fun guy, passionate about the music that he listened to and created. I always looked toward to talking to him. And now, suddenly, I will not have that chance again. And that is the hardest thing to accept in all of this.

To Steve's friends, family, and loved ones, I send along my best wishes. I hope that you cherish the time that you had with him, and know that he loved you. Safe travels, Steve, until we continue our conversation again,
July 1, 2014

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