Thursday, March 12, 2015

It Could Be Nothing Video I Did In 1998

Lemme try this Throwback Thursday thingamabob. Back in my early days of music photography, I also did videos for a number of bands. Here's one I did of it could be nothing...​ at Tremont Music Hall​ in 1998. I set up all three cameras, and then synched them later by hitting play on three separate VHS VCR's at the same time, 'cause that's how we rolled (the video) back in those days. Next Saturday (March 21st), ICBN will be reuniting, along with Kudzu Ganja​, Animal Bag, ANTiSEEN​, and many other bands from way back when. Whether you were there the first time around, and want to catch it in re-runs, this is going to be a fun night. Let's rock.

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