Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today's Posting From FB

I am a lineman for the County, and I drive the main road. I used the road to get to two events on Thursday, including theater photos at UNCC, and Sarah Belk Gambrell's 97th birthday party. After I traveled via Galveston to photograph two tapings of Carolina Business Review​, I then went Up, Up And Away to the Newberry Opera House Guild​ to photograph Jimmy Webb and Karla Bonoff. By the time I get to Pheonix, I'll have posted photos from Tuesday's The Woggles​ show at my blog, Much love to Yvonne Vitale​, Tom Finn​, Cam Geo​ and everyone in the Left Banke family, on what would have been Michael Brown's birthday. If you're in Charlotte, I'll see you tonight at the Rock & Royal Gala, and the Hardsoul Poets​ reunion. Just remind me not to leave the cake out in the rain. I'm Daniel Coston, and it's time to be a Highwayman. Again, and again, and again...
April 25, 2015

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