Monday, August 31, 2015

Explanation Of Tangents Reunion From Site

Hello All-

As you can see below, we have returned for our 20th anniversary. It's hard to believe that we would be doing this again, after all this time, but there it is. Sometimes, what you create tells you that they should exist. Such was the case with this new issue. You only get one chance to do a surprise anniversary issue like this, and to complete (for now) the work that we started in 1995, and let slip away in 1998. Full circle? Perhaps. But also the start of another circle, with paralleling and diversifying lines. The goal was also to create something again that would be an out-of-the-blue surprise to those that followed us in the past, which is much harder to do now in these social media days. Surprises in life should be fun, and occasionally joyous. We hope that we did just that, if only for a moment.

Over the next several months, we will be posting not only photos of the original magazine, but also the original articles themselves. There was been talk of a book version of our Tangents archives, and we'll keep you posted on that. Until then, read on, drop us an email at, and say hello, one more time.

Rejoice, for the song has no ending. Safe travels,
August 29, 2015

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