Saturday, October 8, 2016

Update From FB

Sometimes, life can throw at you a jumblefudge of events and emotions that you have to handle. Thursday, one Observer shoot, photos of the Arts Empowerment event, pics of Greg Humphreys, Gary Greene and more at the Visulite Theater, and one visit to the vet (he's okay, folks), and news of the ending of my more prominent and long-running freelance gigs. More on this soon. All on my ninth wedding anniversary, and my cat Milo's 12th birthday.

Friday, photos and camera on Carolina Business Review, photos of the WIE party for the Observer, and stopping by Creative Loafing's Best Of Party to celebrate my win (shared with Donna Bise and Brian BT Twitty) of Best Photographer. The party requested that I come dressed as a superhero, but I came as myself, because life sometimes asks you to do more and keep going, even when part of you wants to fall to the ground.

My thanks to all last night, and on the way to here that continue to help me fly. Is it getting heavy? It already has. Here's to the future. See you in the sky, and see you on the road.
October 8, 2016

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