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Toleman Randall Interview, Tangents Magazine, December 2016

Tangents: What drew you into music?

Grant Funderburk:  I was around 12 or 13 when i got my first guitar,it was a Fender
Squire and ever since then i haven't been able to put it down for
long. There is just something about the instrument that draws me to
it. Its an obsession really. So i guess you could say the guitar
really drew me into music. But also from an early age i was exposed to
music by my parents and played trumpet in the band up though jr high.
I started a little band with my bud who lived down the street. We
practiced and jammed and really just made a lot of noise but you gotta
start somewhere. I also would say in high school at West Charlotte
there was an excellent jazz program  under the direction of MR.
Davenport who was the head band director there at that time  and I
learned a great deal about music from him and being in his class.

Tangents:  Describe the Charlotte music scene that you came into in the 90s, and the music scene now.

Funderburk: Charlotte’s music scene has grown and changed a lot over the years.
When we first started playing out places back in the late 90,s the
scene wasn't as big as it is now. There just wasn't that many places
to play. Venues come and go thats for sure, but also i think
Charlottes music scene is a little more diverse now and with social
media i think people can stay more connected and immersed in the local
music scene.

Tangents:  How did Toleman Randall come together?

Funderburk: Charlie Heard (drums) and I met and played in Raised by Wolves which
was a Charlotte band around 2006-2011. We became friends and when I
was looking to start a new project, I hit 'em up. At first we just kinda
experimented with some tunes i had written for about a year. We were
looking for a bass player and my friend John Licare  wasn't doing much
at the time so i grabbed him up. Kyle, our keyboardist also played in
RBW and we played together with Jon Lindsay, so i asked her to join us
and thats pretty much how we came together.

Tangents:  Do you write the songs, and present them to the band? Or does the band come up with the songs together?

Funderburk: I write the songs but the band helps to mold them and shape them. I
write a lot on the acoustic guitar so when i present a new song there
is always the skeleton of the song. The main melody will be there and
chord progression perhaps but i leave a lot of room for experimenting
with the band at practice. They play a big part in the finished
product for sure.

Tangents:  How would you describe the music of Toleman Randall?

Funderburk: I would describe our music as smooth. Like water skiing on a really
calm crisp morning.

Tangents:  How did the band’s debut come together?

Funderburk: Our EP came together about a year ago. It’s 5 songs, which had taken
shape over the past couple of years was a learning experience for
sure, the process from writing to recording.  We recorded it at Souix
Souix studios here in Charlotte and we are excited about getting back
in the studio very soon.

Tangents:  What are you working on now?

Funderburk:  We are looking to get in the studio this winter. We have new songs
that we have been playing live and also some that we haven't. I have
been writing a lot lately and we are looking forward to recording some
new material.

Tangents:  Do you see Toleman Randall as s band, or an outlet for the music that you’re writing?

Funderburk: Like I said, I do the primary song writing but the band definitely
has their creative influence on our songs. TR is also an outlet for
me personally, as well.

Tangents:  Favorite places in town to play. Describe.

9.We like playing at The Double Door. We also like playing Petras a
lot.  We have a show coming up on December 2nd at Hattie’s, we are
looking forward to. We like playing everywhere in Charlotte. We
don't ever play out of town.

Tangents:  Finish this sentence. Toleman Randall is…...

Funderburk: Toleman Randall is a band that will be around for a good long while.

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