Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Double Door Inn, Final Night Photos, Charlotte, NC, January 2, 2017

Double Door Inn
Final Night
Charlotte, NC
January 2, 2017
All photos copyright 2017 Daniel Coston

Let the earth bear witness.
They shall be remembered forever.
They shall be alive forever.

January 3, 2017


  1. Terrific as always. Sad when the last song ended.

  2. Thanks Dan. Lots of lovely memories captured there! A sad day for the NC Blues community.

  3. As an aside, it was a REAL SAD day for the NC Blues community when Robin Rogers died.

    1. I agree...no one like her before or since. Robin and her Hot Band played there on Tuesday nights and I found myself making the drive just to see and hear her...She may be gone 6 years, but I can still see her on stage, filling the room with her voice and her personality. Those memories will NEVER be lost...we will love her forever, plus one day...
      Just as memories of Robin live on, so shall the stories we share of all the music we heard in that room. Good times...Hope the loss of the DDI, which brought many people out of their homes to experience it one last time, will encourage the community to go out and support live music...its a wonderful thing that YouTube just can't recreate.

  4. Glad you were there to record that moment in time.