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Lemond Hart Interview

Lemond Hart Interview
written by Daniel Coston
Interview in Tangents Magazine, February 2017 issue

Over the last few years, Lemond Hart has taken great lengths to find his own voice, and the clothes that speak what he wants to say. Now located along Monroe Road, The House Of Lemond reflects many of the ideas that brought him to that space, and the wide array of where his heart and head is at, at any given moment. Daniel Coston checked in with Lemond via email to discuss the clothes, and their creator.

Tangents Magazine: Has your fashion sense always been with you? 

Lemond Hart: Yes, But it has developed over time with using my gift.

Tangents: What designers were an influence on you? 

Hart: Robert Graham is one of my favorite designers. He does coordinating colors and alternating patterns in his designs. I Love it!!

Tangents: And what point did you say, I want to make and design clothes now? 
Hart: My Grandmother used to always say, " If you can't find it, MAKE IT!! So, as a kid I've always loved style and fashion.

Tangents: This isn’t a job for you, is it? It’s what you want to do. 

Hart: No!! THIS IS NOT MY JOB. I believe that when you do what you love, you will never work again. I Love clothes, and #fashionismyministry

Tangents: You’re an independent businessperson. Talk about the juggling act of working with several clients a day, as opposed to one, two or three large clients. 

Hart: It is important to have great time management skills, I ALWAYS have several things going on at one time. I joke and say that I have OCD and! I'll have 100 things going on at the same time, and they ALL have to be perfect.

Tangents: People want to but clothes online, but others want to come to a storefront. How does someone in 2017 do both? And how important is each of those outlets? 

Hart: Since Fashion is my Ministry, I encourage face to face interactions. However, as a savvy businessman; I understand the over the 3 Billion was sold online on Cyber Monday. It would behoove me to not get any of those funds. Therefore I am starting to sell Gift Cards and t-shirts online, while encouraging individuals to come into the store.

Tangents: How much do the fashions of the band inform the designs of the present? 

Hart: I understand how cyclic style and fashion is. I incorporate many of the details from vintage clothing into my modern creations.

Tangents: What trends in clothing are popular in 2017? 
Hart: I normally don't follow trends, no trying to sound arrogant, I like to create them. However, I have noticed that more men are accessorize get their ensembles.

Tangents: Do you have a favorite period in clothing design, or clothes-making? 

Hart: 1920's through the 1970's and some current designs also.

Tangents: Do the clothes make the person, or does the person make the clothes? 

Hart: The person makes the clothes!!! If the individual is not comfortable, they are more than likely not going to be as confident.

Tangents: And what do your clothes say about you? 

Hart: When someone see my dressed they ALWAYS say, you look so Dapper! So my clothes tell folks that I'm..... #dapperasf—k

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