Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rapper Shane Interview

Rapper Shane

Over the last several years, Rapper Shane has kept himself busy. After starting out under the moniker of Stanger Day, he has continued to work under his own name, as well as being a part of Deep Six Division, and being part of the collective Deep Fried Family. Shane talked about all of this and more in a recent email.

Tangents Magazine: At what point did you say, music is what I want to do? 
Rapper Shane: It was in High School, though it still doesn't pay the bills, haha.

Tangents: What comes first for you, the music, or the lyrics?

Rapper Shane: I write all the time like little one liners and shit in my phone so I would say lyrics come first.
Tangents: What genres influence your music the most?
Rapper Shane: Hip hop, for sure. I’m a product of the 90s, so grunge had a huge influence and some story telling of outlaw country shit.
Tangents: What made you drop your former moniker, Stranger Day?
Rapper Shane: Just didn't make sense anymore, had out grown it.  My name is Shane and I rap, it was a easy change, haha.

Tangents: Tell me about Deep Fried Family.
Rapper Shane: Hard to sum up in a few sentences, but its a like creative collective formed in 2010 consisting of musicians, djs, designers, photographers, videographers, tattooers, graf writers, Bboys, strippers, party goers, plant growers, etc etc. We just all rep the same crew and use it as a way to network with others, etc.

Tangents: How has the Charlotte scene changed over the last several years? Or has it changed?

Rapper Shane: I don't really know. We have a shit ton of rad bands that no one outside of charlotte really cares about but we continue to grow as a city and find more ways to get out there and be heard. Venues open and venues close but if you go out and support these places and these bands, then we can all eat.

Tangents: Is it more important now to have your songs out on a full album, an EP, or a mixtape? What reaches listeners the most?

Rapper Shane: I think its more on the project. Mixtapes and albums are really the same these days even though I come from and era when a mixtape was really mixed by a dj and featured raps over jacked beats etc .  EPs are cool as I feel peoples attention spans are shorter than ever, but if the project needs to be a full album to tell the story then so be it. If I had a ton of listeners I would tell you for sure, but Im just guessing trying to find the answer like you are!

Tangents: Tell me about your new EP. 
Rapper Shane: It was done with ear drummer Prodcuer Duck Mcfli. Handful of songs I just wanted to put out, nothing crazy.  I wanted to release some music under the name rapper shane and was in the process of working with ducko. I named it "Too Busy to Be this Broke" cus I do a ton of shit from day jobs, night jobs, promote shows, throw parties , run a clothing brand, etc etc.  yet somehow I still cant pay the bills from time to time and I was sitting on Duck beats and couldn’t afford studio time to make it happen, thats where the title comes from. I also blow money like a f--king champ, so it’s really all my fault I’m broke at times. However, The memories (or lack there of) are priceless!  These days its all about Deep 6 Division though, thats my main focus right now. 

Tangents: How often do you perform live? Would you say that you’re more of a live person, than a studio person?

Rapper Shane: I play shows once every couple months. I try to play less and less so each show is more impactful. I enjoy both studio work and playing out but playing out is definitely my favorite of the two.

Tangents: How much has the internet influenced rap/hip-hop? In sound, and distribution?

Rapper Shane: How much? All the way is my answer. There is a market for ANYTHING, now you can find it if you dig deep enough. The Internet made it okay to be weird and do music "outside the norm" because you find others who are on the same page and open about it.  at the same time, its annoying as fuck to search through all the bullshit on the internet just to find good undiscovered music.  kids now can just google who the wanna be.. which is cool.  The learning curve is much shorter these days it seems.  Im f--king old, tho. It took years to develop a style and what not but whatever I back everyone as long as they good humans.

Tangents: Finish this sentence. Rapper Shane is….

Rapper Shane: The undisputed heavyweight rap champion of the world.

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