Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Adventures The Last Few Days

Thursday to Sunday, go to The Fest For Beatles Fans in Jersey City, NJ to photograph Peter Asher, Jeremy Clyde, Billy J. Kramer, Neil Freaking Innes, Randy Bachman, Lesley Cavendish, Kate Taylor, and many more. Posed pics with Peter & Jeremy, talking about the Bonzos with Neil Innes, and nonstop Beatles for days. Sunday night, drive back to NC, and then on the job all day for the Echo Foundation gala, with Luc Kuechly, Jerry Richardson, former UN ambassador Samantha Power, Steve Luquire and many others. My thanks to all of you over the last few days that were part of the adventure, and everything between the intro and the outro. See you on the road.
March 13, 2018


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