Saturday, April 13, 2019

My Upcoming Concerts That I'm Promoting

Where are the next shows I'm promoting? I'm glad you asked-
May 24th- Mod VI, with Diamonds & Whiskey, at Smokey Joe's. The Mod VI, regional stars during the late 1960s from Aiken, SC, and stars of our 2015 CLT Rock & Roll Reunion, are back in Charlotte. And this time, they've got their original lineup back for two full sets! Diamonds & Whiskey, with Von Buryopen. 10pm rock, and all for $5. 
May 5th- Secret Monkey Weekend, with Lemon Sparks, Evening Muse. I helped book this show because Secret Monkey Weekend rocks. Jefferson Hart and his awesome step kids, with the Lemon Sparks. Yeah. 4pm show, $7. All ages can rock the house.
FABFEST- June 15 and 16th. Fairfield by Marriott, and the Knight Theater. Peter Asher, the Cyrkle, Vivek J. Tiwary and so much more.
August 2nd- Aqualads, and Modern Primitives, Smokey Joe's. Because this world needs to rock, and you should, too. 10pm rock, and all this for $5.
AND, more news soon about the next exhibit at Charlotte Museum Of History on music venues in Charlotte, and the Double Door Inn. AND our next reunion show in December. 
Spread the word, and see you on the road.
April 11, 2019

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