Monday, July 6, 2020

RIP Charlie Daniels

In early 2004, I walked into a Super Walmart on the outskirts of Charlotte. Charlie Daniels was there, signing his then-new book of political observations. I walked in with a Leonard Cohen live album I had recently found at a Value Village. "This record says that you played on it," I asked. "Yes! That's me!" Charlie replied, mentioning that the live album was a European only release.
For ten to fifteen minutes, Charlie and I talked about his "Rock & Roll Days", as he referred to them. About how much he learned from Leonard Cohen in the two years he worked with him. About the time that he showed up at a session to discover that he would playing bass to George Harrison and Bob Dylan. "I just finally got a copy of it," he added. "Good," I replied. "Otherwise, I would have offered you my copy." "What did you think of it?" He asked. He was curious to hear what other people thought of that almost long forgotten night. He posed for photos for me, we shook hands, and I let him get back to selling books. Apart from that time I introduced myself to Jimmy Carter at a Walmart book signing, it was the best trip to Sam Walton's store I ever had. 
Thank you for the good times, Mr. Daniels.

July 6, 2020

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