Wednesday, August 26, 2020

New Cyrkle Video For Red Rubber Ball

I'm thrilled to finally tell you all about one of the things that I've been working on the past five months. Earlier this year, the Cyrkle were approached by a division of Universal to re-record their hit songs. I helped to organize a recording session in early March to record six songs, both familiar and new to Cyrkle fans. Some of these songs will be available soon, and to get you ready for what's to come, the band has put together a great video to their new version of Red Rubber Ball. The current Cyrkle lineup is just amazing, and here's the sight and sound to prove it.

When I was young, I loved the music of the Cyrkle. Now I've executive produced the band's first studio recordings in 52 years. Dream big, kids. Someday, it all may come true, in ways you didn't even dream about.

Still there'll be more. See you there, and see you on the road.

August 26, 2020

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