Friday, November 11, 2022

New Cyrkle Album! Buy It Now!

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed Warren Kurtz's interview with Dean Kastran and Pat McLoughlin. Here's the scoop on the new album, and more details.

-The Cyrkle is back with their first studio album in 55 years, Center Of The World.

-We're targeting next Friday, November 18th, as the official release day, or the day that copies of the new album will begin to ship out. 

-You can purchase the album now, via this link. 

Or messaging the band via their FB page. More ways to buy the album are coming soon, as well.

The new album has thirteen songs, including new recordings of Red Rubber Ball, Turn Down Day, and The Visit. The album features several new songs written by Don Dannemann, Mike Losekamp and Pat McLoughlin. It also features the reunion in sound of Dannemann with the Tom Dawes on two songs, We Thought We Could Fly, and He Can Fly. My sincere thanks to Andrew Sandoval for allowing us to use his 2003 recording to make this happen. 

We also welcome back the band's 1967 producer Charlie Calello, as his provides his mixing touch on the band's new single, Dance With Me Tonight. 

Much more about this, and more news will be coming soon. 

Stay tuned, and spread the word. 
November 11, 2022

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