Saturday, March 30, 2024

Photos Of Chris Garges, 2010

 This is a post about things that matter, and what happens when those things appear again, if only for a moment.

Last weekend, I spent a fair amount of time going through my archives, putting together photos of Bill Evans for a memorial that is taking place this coming weekend. (Please message me for more info.) While I often spend a lot of time with my archives, it's something that I try not to spend all day on. Having said that, I know my routine. Tell myself that I'll only spend an hour finding something, and then spend all night, and part of the next morning searching out everything that I was looking for. I end up feeling glad that I did the extra digging, but swearing that I'll never do that again. Until the next time.
Last Sunday morning, I decided to open my box of 2010 photos to secure my last photos of Bill. Deep in the box was a CD labeled Chris Garges, April 2010. Like many of you, I miss Chris on a daily basis. Still trying to finish Bill's photos, and knowing that I was not emotionally prepared at that moment to do so, I waited until the following day to look at Chris' photos.
When I did, I couldn't believe what I seeing. Here was an entire photo shoot with Chris that I had completely forgotten about. This may have been done for a magazine article, which my diary from that time will hopefully confirm. (Yes, I've kept diaries off and on for years. Be afraid.) A few of the shots confirm that this was done at the original Old House Studio location in Gastonia.
Looking at these photos brought back everything about being around Chris. The conversations that covered everything from the Shaggs to Sun Ra. The silly jokes, the stories of our adventures in this world of music. Everything. Here he was, again, in fleeting glimpses.
I have decided to post a link to these photos, in the hope that you may also find that moment. While the photos are on one of my archive sites, know that I am not intending to sell any of these photos, but will gladly email you them if you ask. This is a friend that misses another friend, and thankfully found photos of a day that might otherwise have been lost to time.
Live, breathe and document. And don't forget to save multiple copies of everything. In doing so, you may occasionally save yourself.
Until I photograph you again, Chris.

March 21, 2024

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