Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1934 baseball game, and Ray Hayworth

People often ask me what I have been listening to lately, and usually its up to what day you catch me. Nic Jones, Steeleye Span, Love, the dbs, early Bee Gees, et cetera. But recently, I found something on Youtube that I just fell in love with. A 1934 radio broadcast of a Tigers and Yankees baseball game.

As a rabid young baseball fan, and wannabe sportscaster, I've always had a fascination with early baseball broadcasts. I had even heard about this game in Sports Illustrated, as the oldest complete baseball broadcast in existence. And now, here it is, for all to hear. Gehrig, Greenberg, Goslin, Gehringer, and many other great players whose last name did not start with G. Babe Ruth is in the dugout for this game, but sadly did not play. I still remember all of the names of the players for the Yankees team.

What I love is the simplicity of the broadcast. Ty Tyson, who was also the sportswriter for one of the Detriot newspapers, has a down to earth flair about his delivery. There's a teletype machine going nonstop  nearby him, which you can hear. Tyson also doubles as the stadium's PA announcer, which you also hear. Just great players, and a great game.

As I was listening to the game last weekend, one name suddenly stood out to me. Hayworth, as in catcher Ray Hayworth. Then I realized that this was the Ray Hayworth that I interviewed for Tangents Magazine in 1996. Somewhere, I have that piece, which I will post at some point. There he is again, out on the field, playing for the Tigers, as Ray always wanted to be.

Good to hear you again, Ray. Here's to radio broadcasts of baseball games, both new and old.
May 5, 2012

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