Thursday, June 14, 2012

This Is Where The World Goes

This Is Where The World Goes

We have fallen
away from where we were
Walking forward
in unison
has been turned away,
and the damage
we left in our absences
has begun to take root,
in ourselves,
and in the ground.

Sides will be chosen, and we will 
from those we once held dear.
Hands have acted out
what we thought in anger
for a moment
and the ripples of emotion
has begun to pull 
the current at our feet.
We have tripped over the axes
that have cut us off 
from communication,
and where we were.

We will claim that 
others made the choices
and yes, 
all those words were not your own
but the color of the aftermath
shades us all
clouds our memories
strains our judgment
more than the past
ever thought
we would go.
Yet we will not allow
to repairs the motions, 
and leaving
where we were
is sometimes
the hardest fall,
of all.

We are nearly there
to where we soon will be,
yet so far away 
from where we were.

-Daniel Coston
June 14, 2012

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