Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tangents Magazine Is Dead, Long Live Tangents

Hey There-

Some of you may remember that I had helped restart Tangents Magazine last year. Tangents was founded in 1995 as an alternative arts and music magazine. At the time, our home base of Charlotte, NC was a very different city than it is now, and looking back, I'm amazed and proud of what we did. I can't believe that we pulled that magazine together, month after month, for three years.

I took part in re-starting Tangents to finish the work that we had started. Tangents inspired my life's work, twice. As a photographer, with the first incarnation, and as a writer for the second version. It made me put together work that I would have not have otherwise done. The direct result of that second time around is the blog that you see in front of you.

I have heard that the new Tangents is now officially no more. However, a recent web search has turned up the archives of our original web site. These rediscovered files will eventually make up the basis of the Tangents site, with some pieces about them old days from the griseled veterans, like me, that were there. What excites me more about this discovery is the finding of several articles that were lost from my old computer. You'll see some of these articles here on my blog soon.

Tangents started my work in the field of music, and photography. While it saddens me that more did not happen with this second incarnation, perhaps it was always supposed to remain this way. Something from my past whose ideas still inspire me, and a building block to the work that I create now. Let the past push the present, and move us on as individuals to a better future.

Tangents Magazine is dead. Long live Tangents Magazine.
July 17, 2012

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