Sunday, December 2, 2012

Update on THAT photo

Hey There-

I am happy to report that I struck a deal with the NY Daily News for their use of my photos of a certain Charlotte author. Ironically, their check ended up being the first to arrive. My sincere thanks to them.
The tally of outlets that purchased the photos from me directly included the Daily News, NY Post, NBC/MSNBC, People Magazine, and People's sister publications in India and Australia. (No, I didn't know about those papers, either.)

The Daily News also confirmed that my photo was also picked up by the Associated Press, via the Observer. Since I am freelance with the Observer, I will have to contact AP soon about this. If I was full-time with the paper (which they probably assumed I was), my contract would have covered this. But since I am freelance, I will need to make sure that I get paid for that usage.

I still need to contact the paper's national wing that handles sales via Getty. As some of you may know, freelancing is a full-time job unto itself. I have been so busy shooting and traveling this month, that I have not always had time to make all of the business calls that I might have. However, I also wanted to give some outlets time to contact me, as did the Daily News. As for the Daily Mail, my photo has disappeared from their site, and I'm just taking that as something to laugh about. Some fights are not worth the time and money that one might invest in them, so you just move on.

Out of this, I have gained some insight as to how quickly a photo can race through the interest. The business has changed greatly from how photos were handled ten years ago. Unfortunately, the pay scale has not largely changed in that time, with the exception of the tabloids. That being said, I have also gained contacts at several national media outlets, and I look forward to working with them again soon. With photos that will hopefully have nothing to do with international scandals. The business of rock and roll now doesn't seem so mad, after all.
December 3, 2012

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