Thursday, October 3, 2013

A new note to my niece

To my niece Milah- Today, I held you as I balanced your feet on top of mine, and showed you what it would be like to walk. I did the same with your mother 35 years ago, when she was the same age you are now, ten months old. Back then, my fevered young mind was convinced that it was time that she knew how to walk, and soon enough, she did. As will you. The path to walking in this world is not always easy. There will be obstacles, distractions, and other things that will sometimes get in your way. Others will sometimes help you walk, and others might try to push you off your track. There may even be times that you might feel like giving up walking, altogether. But always remember that your future is always worth walking towards, and that those moments of struggle will pass. And while we, your family, may not always be there to walk with you, we will always be there for you. Reminding you to take that one step more than you thought you could, but which we always knew that you were capable of. Sleep tight, and safe travels. Sincerely, your uncle,
Oct. 3, 2013

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