Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Return Of The Road Dog

Hello All-

For all of the great things that happened to me last year, there was one thing that was largely lost in the shuffle. Photographing Rock & Roll bands on the band. This is something that I largely did non-stop for several years. Travel, shoot, travel again. Yep, that was me. While I am blessed now to have a lot more work in the city I live in, not having the time to be on the road knawed at me. I'm not on the road like I used to be. Are those days behind me?

As I often do, I righted myself in the last month all at once. Shows in Greenville, SC, then taking the train to NY to see Chad & Jeremy in Long Island. Then a trip to Cleveland to photograph the Sonics, pictures of which you'll hopefully see soon. And back home, eight hours later. Last weekend was the Carolina Chocolate Drops in York, SC, with a trip to Shelby coming up this weekend. Yeah, I had a big itch that I needed to scratch.

Some of you know that Rock & Roll photography rarely pays well, when it pays at all. All these years on, the business of music can still frustrate the stuffing out of me. But, truth be told, I still need to take photos if it. For all the grumbling I sometimes do about walking away from this, I still love to travel and take pictures. The thrill of travel and discovery, and knowing that you're reaching beyond your boundaries, and creating something good. Yeah, it's addictive. And still is.

I'm quite aware that the travel may ebb and flow, and that is something I will always have to accept. However, it is good to know that all these years on, there some things that I still look forward to doing. And I hope to see you all on the road soon, as you are on your own travels,
March 11, 2014

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