Tuesday, March 11, 2014

RIP Missi Ivie, and Tara Engstrom

Hello All-

I first met Missi Ivie in 2000, while she was undergoing his first round of treatment for breast cancer. She and Bob Graham put together an annual benefit for breast cancer from 2001 to 2005 called Spread Your Wings. I loved being a part of these shows. The talent that came through those shows was amazing. Alejandro Escovedo, Richard Buckner, Jim Lauderdale, Duane Jarvis, Kenny Roby, Avett Brothers, Cast Iron Filter, Lou Ford. They were wonderful nights to witness, and to document.

As it happens too often in life, I didn't see or speak to Missi often enough in the years since those days. I always looked forward to seeing her again, and the reality that she has left this place is slowly sinking in, and leaving those of us that knew her a little emptier without her.

Another person that I didn't see often enough was Tara Engstrom. Like Missi, Tara dealt with, and battled cancer for many years. The cancer may have battled their bodies, but it never defeated their spirits. Missi and Tara remained the great people that we knew them to be, in spite of what has happening. Now they are free, and I hope that there are no boundaries for wherever they wish to go.

Safe travels, ladies. From your friend behind the camera,
March 11, 2014

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  1. So Sorry to hear this information...I can't believe I didn't know.
    Missi was one of a kind....sleep gently Betty Boop.
    RIP Tara.