Saturday, April 23, 2016

This Week's Update

For those of you that follow these tales of my crazy schedule (and thank you for doing so), it's been a wild week. So, let's go crazy.

Tuesday, photos of Broadway Junior at the Knight Theater, and the Jazz Ensemble at UNCC. Wednesday, photos with Nathan Turner at the Mint Museum Symposium, photos of the World Affairs Council gala, and the Mint Museum Merrimint. Thursday, four events, three of which I had to attend twice. So, seven events, kind of. BRAKES golf tourney in Concord, Thompson gala luncheon, one event at Bechtler Museum, and- wait for it- meet and greet photos for Neil defreakinGrasse Tyson at Ovens Auditorium. After which, Mr. Tyson asked, "Can I get a photo with you?" Yes, it happened. Friday, photos and video at a Carolina Business Review taping, Buckeye Lane recording session at Old House Studio, Alabama Shakes and the awesomeness that is Temperance League at the CMCU Ampitheater, and Its Snakes at the Station.

Here's to life, and to stories between us, wherever you are, and where we are going. To the Cosmos, and beyond. See you on the road.
April 23, 2016

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