Friday, April 1, 2016

Update On Museum Show, And Other Upcoming Projects

First, the sad news. Yes, my show at the Charlotte Museum Of History is now done, and has not been moved (so far) to the second floor. I'll update you as news comes in.

Happier news- I'll be Dennis Frost's internet radio show on Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm. Tune in, and turn on.

Other happier news- I'll be doing a one-day exhibition of my photos of the local music scene during the 1990s on September 24th, in South End. This will be a big multi-media event. I just finished going through a collection of one set of archives from this era, and will working on scanning and printing more local band photos through the summer. I really want a lot of my photos to focus on the local musicians that made up the scene during that time. Any requests that you'd like to see in this show? Email me.

And happier PS- we'll be doing a release party on May 14th for the return of Tangents Magazine. More on this soon, too.

Time to walk away from my sea of archives, and hit the road to talk some new photos. See you there.
April 1. 2016

PS, all of the info is true.

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