Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sigur Ros And Iceland

When I traveled to Iceland in 2005 with my fellow Charlotteans in Mar, we went for the music. We had heard Sigur Ros, Mum. We thought that the country played this music 24/7. What we got on Icelandic TV was American culture, 24/7. The music of Iceland was not on their televisions, which was a disappointment to those of us that came for it.
So imagine my surprise to discover that on Iceland's Ruv2 TV today, Sigur Ros is soundtrack a 24-hour trip around the country. Much of which I saw in 2005, and a few places that I didn't. One of my favorite sayings as of late is, "It happened." Well, to my friends in Mar, and to Patrick Atkinson, wherever you are, I say, "How about that. It happened." Here's to journeys that never end. See you on the Ring Road.
June 21, 2016

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