Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Upcoming Social Events In Charlotte

It's February. There's a lot of social events going on in the Charlotte area this month. Below is a list of the social events coming this month. Please note that this list is separate from my list of concerts that I'm planning/hoping to attend this month. That list is coming soon. Do you know of any other social events coming up this month? Share, and post below. Thank you all, and see you on the road.
Bake sale, Holy Trinity Greek Church - Feb. 8
Heart Ball - Feb. 10
Union Symphony Gala- Feb. 10
Mad Monster Party, Feb.16-18
HRC Gala - Feb. 17
CLT Concerts Gala- Feb. 17
Daughters Of Penelope - Feb. 17
Taste Of The New South - Feb. 23
William Ivey Long event - Feb. 24th
St. Peter’s Valentine Serenade - Feb. 24
Art With Heart - Feb. 24th
Children’s Theater gala- Feb. 24
Kidney Gala Feb. 24
Baby Bundles - Feb 27th

February 7, 2018

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